23 tips to lose weight fast!

These are the best tips to lose weight quickly and without leaving home because losing weight requires changing eating habits and behavior and lifestyle.

The very nature of inappropriate eating behavior, which leads to food, is very complex. It is often linked to feelings of guilt, anguish, anger, anxiety, worry, depression, stress, insomnia, obsessions and jealousy.

The medical/nutritional approach helps in the logical work of slimming . It works on nutritional behavior, governed by logic, by learning, aiming to provide the body with the necessary nutrients. The simpler, instinctive, primitive eating behavior is often altered by the emotional elements above. If the individual is psychologically balanced and motivated, in theory he can lose weight without problems.

If the individual does not have better ways of dealing with his problems, food will again be brought up as “salvation”. Then the nutritional behavior that was tried to be introduced can be short-lived. Now that you know more or less what weight loss is , check out essential tips so you can lose weight quickly:

Quick weight loss tips:

1. Have regular times to eat:

Your body has to learn when to sleep, wake up and eat. This will make it work better, it will avoid frequent hunger and nighttime trips to the fridge, which are the most fattening. In addition, resting at least 7 hours a night encourages you to fulfill commitments, exercise more and resist temptations.

So try putting an alarm on your cell phone to go off every 3 hours so you can eat something and not get hungry. Preferring foods with a low glycemic index helps not to get hungry after eating just 1 pear, for example.

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2. Reduce your calorie intake:

Don’t worry, no one needs to live off severe dietary restrictions. Just cut 100 calories a day, which, between us, is no sacrifice. Want to see? Two slices of pineapple, weighing 80 grams each, achieve this amount, as does 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese. So, stick with a single slice of the fruit and put just a spoonful of the cheese in the macaroni. That’s it: there goes those 100 calories.

In one week, the savings are 700 and in 5 months, 15 thousand. That means 2 pounds less. No hunger or cravings. And if you move, even better. Dance or stretch for about 20 minutes and another 100 will go away.

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3. Reward system:

Create a reward system at the end of the day or week after you’ve managed to follow a lower-calorie diet . Rewards can be anything that makes you feel good, be it going to the mall, getting a haircut, getting your nails done, renting a movie, getting massages, having sex, etc.

The collaboration of family members is very important in this system. The reward shouldn’t be weight loss, but better habits. Note: never use food as a reward.

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4. Nothing to despair:

Forget very restrictive diets or diets that promise great weight loss in a short period of time. In the long run, the result is disastrous.

5. Increase satiety:

Fiber-rich foods provide greater satiety, so hunger takes longer to appear, which helps you lose weight . The main sources of fiber are: fruits, whole grains such as rice, wheat, rye, barley and oats.

Legumes such as beans, lentils, chickpeas and peas and vegetables also have good amounts of fiber. Seeds such as chia, flaxseed and pumpkin seeds also have fiber. Learn all about fibers.

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6. Avoid fried foods:

There’s not much to say about that, right? Fried foods are pure fat, exactly what we cannot ingest when our aim is to lose weight . After all, if the idea is to lose weight , you need to consume fewer calories. Fried foods are a real poison for you!

7. Control expectations:

The specialist emphasizes that it is important not to place high expectations at the beginning of the weight loss process . A real food reeducation is not a magic trick, so it needs to be seen as a longer process. This will needs to be reinforced and renewed over time.

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8. Drink plenty of water:

Water is essential for energy production: it helps transform food into energy, helps transport these nutrients and oxygen to the cells. “It is detoxifying, as well as preventing bloating, fluid retention, migraines and fatigue.

9. Avoid taking industrialized juices and soft drinks:

Regarding drinks, it is necessary to avoid industrialized box juices as much as possible – as these are very rich in sugar –, in addition to avoiding soft drinks.

10. Include eggs for breakfast:

Studies have shown that including them at breakfast can help you consume fewer calories over the next 36 hours, lose more weight and body fat. But, if you can’t eat eggs for some reason, that’s fine, including another quality protein source in your breakfast will help too!

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11. Drink green tea:

In addition to having a little caffeine, green tea has a significant amount of catechins (powerful antioxidants), and both work synergistically to increase fat burning. Green tea is a great ally for those who want to lose weight .

Like all tea, it has a diuretic effect, which is already very beneficial, but the highlight is its thermogenic effect. Remembering that it should be taken without added sugar and in a moderate way, preferably guided by a nutritionist.

12. Go easy on the cheeses:

Excess cheese protein can convert to glucose and affect weight loss for some people, if you are struggling to lose weight , put dairy on the “suspect list” and do a trial period without them.

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13. Fast:

Anyone who has not lost weight for more than a month can benefit from short fasts of up to 24 hours once a week. During these periods, drink only non-caloric liquids. A good way to experiment with fasting is a 16-hour period, having dinner at 8pm at night and then going back to eating only at lunch the next day.

I recommend fasting only for those who are already adapted to using fat as fuel, don’t go out without even knowing how the diet works .

14. Chew your food quietly:

One of the most common mistakes people make when eating is NOT chewing food well, this obstructs digestive functioning. Consider that the more we chew the food, the more we will enjoy its flavor and the more we will help the body to digest it well, eliminating what we don’t need and leaving only the important nutrients.

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15. Eat several small portions throughout the day:

Eating is also a psychological act, which involves feelings and other issues that go beyond the stomach. When it comes to losing weight , it’s important to keep your body active, eating at smaller intervals and portions. And, even better, it helps to avoid gluttony.

16. Do some physical exercise:

  • Climb stairs instead of using the elevator;
  • Go for a 10-minute walk after lunch;
  • Get off one stop before work or school and walk the rest of the way;
  • Take the dog for a walk at night.
  • To increase energy expenditure, try to walk for at least 45 min, 3 times a week, as this is one of the best physical exercises to lose weight , but also do some resistance exercises such as weight training, to complement the training.

17. Seek support from family and friends:

“Commitment is decisive for success, because the person strives to fulfill what he has planned.” Counting on the support of those who only want your good is beyond positive.

You don’t boycott the diet and, at happy hour, friends give the greatest strength when replacing the portion of fries with one of eggplant cooked without oil. Again, a blog reporting your progress and exchanging experiences with people who also struggle with the scales will help — a lot.

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18. Start by journaling the foods you eat every day:

You will notice the mistakes and correct yourself. This same survey by the Ministry of Health reported that the presence of beans and vegetables on the table of Brazilian families decreased, while the consumption of fat increased.

19. Eat foods that speed up metabolism:

Foods with thermogenic action stimulate greater calorie burning. The main thermogenic foods are: pepper, green tea, cinnamon, ginger and coffee. See the benefits of thermogenic foods.

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20. Train your taste buds:

You need to give your taste buds a chance, especially when it comes to restricting refined and processed carbs – and therefore sugar – from your diet .

21. Get a good night’s sleep:

Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a day. Our body spends more calories when we are sleeping in deep sleep than when we are just lying down, whether reading or watching TV. Those who sleep little are at greater risk of gaining weight.

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22. Avoid restrictive diets:

diets that drastically cut calories or some specific component, such as carbohydrates for example, are considered restrictive. To lose healthily, it is expected to lose between half a kilo and a kilo per week. More than that can be a sign that you are not following the most appropriate diet .

The monotonous diet and with little variety of food does not bring all the nutrients that the body needs, and can even affect the immunity and the body more vulnerable to diseases. Shake diet, gluten -free diet and soup diet are some examples of restrictive diets .

23. Never expect to feel hungry:

One of the biggest mistakes that a person makes when they want to lose weight is imagining that they need to go hungry (in the most literal sense of the word). This is never a good option because we support such a thing for a while but are unable to do so for a long time. Organize yourself to always eat every three hours so you don’t suffer from this evil .

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