Tips to Improve Your Diet!

Tips to Improve Your Diet are fundamental to having a healthier body. Maintaining good eating habits is essential when protecting your health. Did you know that it is possible to achieve more well-being and quality of life through food?A balanced diet provides energy for the activities of the day, guarantees a supply of nutrients and vitamins and contributes to the prevention of the most diverse diseases! Thinking about it, some nutritionists have developed a series of tips to improve your diet! So, check out  10 Tips to Improve Your Diet:

1-Avoid eating meals by sharing your time with other activities, such as watching television, chatting with friends or using your cell phone. It is recommended to eat in a quiet environment and sitting at the table.

2- Have you ever thought about enjoying food to the fullest? To do this, try to chew a lot of what you are eating, that is, eat your meals calmly.

3- Start lunch and dinner with a salad – leafy vegetables and legumes. In this way, the feeling of satiety occurs with lower caloric intake.

4- Make five to six meals throughout the day, as this avoids long periods of fasting. That way, you’re less likely to feel very hungry and “crack” treats full of empty calories.

5- Prefer white meats, such as fish and skinless chicken, as these foods have less fat, making them healthier.

6- Try not to add sauces made with fatty cheeses, cream and other calorie-rich ingredients to your recipes.

7- Whenever possible, consume raw foods and without much processing to keep most of the fibers .

8- Use little salt, giving preference to more nutritious seasonings, such as Garlic , Onion and Olive Oil .

9 -Step away from embedded ingredients such as salami and ham. Also, avoid eating fried foods.

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10- try to ingest plenty of water throughout the day, the recommended being two liters daily.

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