Tips to Improve the Abdominal

Tips to improve the abdominal are some steps that intensify and improve performance during training and consequently bring results. Well, many women and men dream of a defined abdomen , and for that they live doing exercises the wrong way. In addition, to define the abdomen , you also need to strengthen the auxiliary muscles, such as the obliques, the infra-abdominal muscles and also the lower back, because only then will you have the quality and strength to withstand more safely, more intense abdominal training. So, check below the 9 Tips to improve the Abdominal .

Leave the Abdomen Contracted: This is one of the main tips to improve the abdominal . Well, this is practically a rule for anyone who is going to do a sit -up . By keeping your muscles tense, you increase the effect of the movement and, with it, the exercise.

Pay attention to Breathing: This is a fundamental point during the exercises to define the abdomen . Well, when you have to make an effort to make the movement, release the air. Inhale in the simplest part of the exercise. Example: When doing a traditional sit-up, release the air when you lift your back off the floor and inhale when you lie down. This helps you to tighten your belly muscle more and focus on the exercise. So it takes a lot of concentration to do it correctly. The correct way to breathe for these exercises:

  • Concentric (also called positive) phase: This phase is when the muscle contracts, when the weight is lifted or pulled. In the case of barbell curls, the concentric phase occurs when we lift the bar above the chest. It is at this stage that we encounter greater resistance when making the movement.
  • Eccentric phase (also called negative):  It does the opposite movement of the concentric phase. While in the concentric phase there is muscle contraction, in the eccentric phase the muscle relaxes. This is the time to “lower” the weight. Using the barbell curl as an example, in it the eccentric phase occurs when we lower the bar to below the waist line.

Achieve concentric failure: It’s not easy to hit concentric failure with every set of sit-ups, but try to hit it, as you’re pushing your muscle harder and getting more results.

No rush: This is one of the main tips to improve the abdominal , because, do the abdominal movement slowly, which increases the intensity of the exercise. To help, count to three when making each move. Faster than that, it’s too fast.

Improve range of motion: When done with greater range, abdominal exercises become more intense, so try to use some equipment, such as Swiss balls or benches. When looking for stability, your abdominal muscles will be used a lot.

Work the various parts of the abs: To get a nice belly, invest in exercises for the various parts of it. Basically, there are three: Top , Bottom and Side . The exercises done with the hips on the floor work the upper part of the belly (the region that is above the belly button). Sit-ups that require some leg movement or hip lifts engage your lower belly (area just below your belly button). The ones with rotation mess with the side (the famous little tire). In a workout, the ideal is to have a little bit of everything, right!

Decrease the rest time: If you decrease the break time between sets, you will notice that the last ones will become more difficult to perform. So your partial recovery decreases and muscle demand increases.

No pain: if you feel a lot of neck or back pain at the time of the abdominal, you are doing something wrong. Lie on your back on the mat with your shoulders relaxed. When doing the movement, your gaze should be facing the ceiling, not forward. So that your arms don’t pull your head, don’t put your hands behind the back of your neck, but at the height of the ears. By taking these precautions, you guarantee that what will move your body is your belly.

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More pulled: if you’ve been exercising for a while and feel like you need to boost your abs even more, ask your teacher to recommend exercises with weights or on the pilates ball. These variations will already give your belly a good stir.

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