Tips to Improve Posture Naturally

Tips to Improve Posture at Home. Also, good posture is important to keep your mind and body healthy. When you maintain correct posture , your body comes into alignment. These Posture Improvement Tips can be done at home, and achieve great results in just a few days.These tips improve posture because they tone the abdominal and back muscles , forming a kind of natural belt, capable of keeping the internal organs in their proper place and not projecting forward, as occurs in bad posture . So, check out now the 15 Tips to Improve Posture Naturally. These tips will alleviate common problems such as back pain, headaches and fatigue.

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Arranging Drawers: Sit on a stool with your spine aligned. To achieve something, focus on moving your abdominal muscles instead of bending over – which puts a strain on your lower back.

Cooking and Washing Clothes and Dishes: Contract your belly muscles and place one foot on a low stool or bucket. This helps keep the spine straight.

Sweeping the Floor: Use a broom whose handle is proportional to your height so you don’t have to lean forward. Keep your feet apart and your back as straight as possible. Do sweeping movements with your entire body, instead of just using your arms or rotating your torso. To clean under furniture, squat sitting on your feet and contract your abs , moving the broom back and forth without bending over.

Moving Furniture : To lift heavy furniture, ask another person for help and, together, bend your knees, keep your feet apart and contract your belly .

Hang Clothes on the Clothesline: Do not stretch to reach a high clothesline. The ideal is to leave it at an accessible height, where you can stretch the clothes without lifting your arms above the shoulder line.

Sleep:  Sleep on one side of your body, with a pillow under your head and another between your knees. This way you preserve the  column alignment .

Brushing Teeth:  Place one hand over the sink and one foot, on the same side of the body, on a small bench or bucket. Lean forward slightly, focusing the movement on your hips in addition to your  spine . Contract the  abdomen .

Putting on Shoes:  Sit on a chair, cross one leg over the other and put on the shoe avoiding curving the  spine .

Breastfeeding: For comfort, the mother should use a pillow to support her arms and head and alternate the side of her body on which she is holding the baby.

Placing Child in Cradle: Contract your abdominal muscles to support the movement. Face the side of the crib, create a base with your feet apart, bend your knees and use your legs to lay the child down. Height-adjustable cribs are ideal as they eliminate the need to bend over, straining the lower back.

Carrying the Luggage: Place one foot in front of the other, creating a base, and bend your knees a little. The secret is to use the strength of your legs to suspend and lower the bags inside the trunk, without bending your body.

Using the Computer: Adjust height and distance from both the table and the computer so they are comfortable and compatible with your size. For those who wear lenses or glasses, a good tip is to position the monitor a little below the natural line of vision so as not to overload the back of the neck and avoid discomfort in the cervical region.

Driving: Place a pillow over the seat to support your lower back and prevent muscle pain. Align your knees with your hips and support your torso against the back of the bench, straightening your spine as much as possible. The feet should reach the pedals so that the knees are slightly bent. The distance from the steering wheel also allows free movement of the arms and a slight bend in the elbows.

Working in an Office: Do not “sprawl” when sitting: in this way, the neck is unsupported and the weight of the body is concentrated in the lumbar region, generating pain in the shoulders and back . Try to use a chair with wheels and shoulder support that allows adjustment of the height of the seat and back. The knees should be bent at a maximum angle of 90 degrees so as not to impede blood circulation in the legs. Standing up several times during working hours is also essential for good posture .Many people have the habit of hunching their backs and leaving their shoulders slumped when walking, while others spend hours in front of the computer and bend their back without realizing it . Most of us are not aware of our body posture , which causes back pain .

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