Tips to eliminate armpit odor permanently!

Tips to eliminate armpit odor definitely quite effectively. Also, contrary to what many people think, sweat has no smell. In the human body there are bacteria that feed on sweat. The bad smell that we occasionally feel in the armpits, also known as bromidosis or “smell”, is caused by these microorganisms.

The first thing to know about the bad smell in the armpits is that it does not originate precisely from poor hygiene, as in many cases the problem is related to glandular or hormonal factors. This bad smell is usually uncomfortable and unpleasant, both for those who have it and for the people around them.

But the most important thing is that this bad smell can be treated naturally, with alternatives that, if applied daily, can little by little minimize sweating, or even not doing some things that can cause the bad smell.

Have you ever come across an unpleasant smell under your arms and don’t understand why? It is important to point out that this problem is not always generated by the lack of personal hygiene. So, tips to get rid of armpit stink are always welcome, right?

This situation can occur due to hormonal or glandular factors. Interested in this subject? Just follow our publication!

Tips to eliminate armpit odor permanently:

1. Wash your armpits very well:

No wonder this is the first suggestion and also the most important. Although this is not the reason for most people, it is essential to wash very well and always with the help of soap! After all, cleaning this region of the body very well is the first step to soften this problem.

It is essential to point out that some soaps have a very strong smell and, instead of generating a pleasant aroma, they make you sweat even more and smell bad. The suggestion is to adopt neutral soaps so as not to take any risk. So, always take care of yourself in the bath, right?

2. Sodium bicarbonate:

Usually, baking soda is adopted to get rid of bad smells. Therefore, the recommendation is to wash very well under the arm to eliminate any possibility of bad smell, as well as put some baking soda powder on a cotton.

The best thing is that, if the product does not irritate or bother you, you can use it throughout the day.

3. Baking with lemon:

Want another tip to eliminate armpit odor once and for all? Make a mixture of lemon with baking soda !


Preparation mode:

  • Simply, you must mix these ingredients and iron as soon as you get out of the shower. The effect is immediate!

4. Eat well:

You probably don’t know, but food is essential to not suffer from this odor. So, frequently eating onions , garlic , coffee and consuming alcoholic beverages will make the smell of sweat become much stronger. The ideal is to opt for fruits and vegetables to alleviate this.

5. Infusion with thyme or rosemary leaves:

If you deal with excessive sweating, one of the ways to eliminate armpit odor is with an infusion with thyme or rosemary leaves . Place under your armpits to help control chronic sweating.

If nothing we teach you is mitigating the problem, look for a doctor, he will help you find what is going wrong.

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