10 Tips to Get Rid of Foot Smell

Tips to get rid of foot odor in a simple and natural way. Foot odor or Bromohidrosis is an unpleasant foot odor that affects women, men, adults, children and the elderly. In addition, foot odor takes the mood and undermines anyone’s self-esteem. Traveling and sharing a room with friends is complicated, using the gym’s locker room causes embarrassment and even trying on new shoes before buying is unpleasant.

The causes can be numerous and can be due to lack of hygiene, fungal and/or bacterial infection or excessive sweating. The problem is compounded by the lack of hygiene, which leads to the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Excessive sweating can also be linked to diseases like hyperthyroidism, diabetes , and obesity . However, although uncomfortable, there are measures that help to alleviate this bad smell. So, check out the 10 Tips to Get Rid of Foot Smell .

1. Try to wash your feet carefully: This is one of the main tips to get rid of foot odor . Well, like the whole body, the feet should be washed with a sponge or loofah and soap. The spaces between your fingers need an extra dose of attention, as that’s where bacteria like to lodge. Scrub all gaps well.

2. Rub your feet: The goal is to remove dead skin cells from your feet. In this way, you will stop the food supply to the Brevibacteria. Then wash your feet with an antibacterial soap. So, when taking a shower, take the time to exfoliate your feet thoroughly with the help of a cloth, pumice stone or a brush. Also rub between your fingers.

3. Dry your feet: I think this is one of the  Tips to Stop Foot Smell that you learned as a child, isn’t it? So, moisture, or sweat or water, is responsible for breeding bacteria. So completely drying your feet, including the space between your toes, is very important to get rid of foot odor . Also, use two pieces of toilet paper (one for your right foot and one for your left foot) to wipe the spaces between your toes – the towel doesn’t absorb the moisture as much as it does, and anyway, it’s usually damp by the time it gets to your feet. instead of drying your feet. A well-done drying is half the battle to avoid the accommodation and proliferation of bacteria.

4. Vinegar and Alcohol Solution: Make a mixture of regular vinegar and isopropyl alcohol in equal proportions. Drip it every day (use a dropper) over and between your toes and on the irritated skin of your feet and spread. Both products are harmless to your skin, but vinegar kills fungi and alcohol inhibits or kills bacteria. It also helps to get rid of nail fungus.

5. Use antiperspirant: Believe me, the antiperspirant used in the armpits helps to reduce the perspiration of the feet. With that, the stink ends. Apply antiperspirant before bed and let it dry.

6. Use talcum powder or bicarbonate of soda: This is one oftraditional tips to get rid of foot odor . Rub your feet with talcum powder, it works as an astringent, to keep your feet dry. In addition, baking soda is anti-bacteria, so it helps to get rid of foot odor .

7. Keep your shoes clean and dry: When you get home, take off your shoes and keep them out in the open to dry completely overnight. Never keep them in a closet. If possible wash them occasionally, but ensure they dry completely before using them.

8. Do not reuse socks without washing them: This Tips to End Foot Foot odor is essential, both for foot hygiene, as a whole. Once worn, socks carry bacteria at least on the outside (in the case of feet that have been clean and dry). If they are not washed, the ones that cause the bad smell spread through the fabric and can reach, in the next use, the spaces between the fingers. That’s where the sweat tends to concentrate. Result: foot odor .

9. Foot Foot Insoles Can Help: These insoles are made from a material that absorbs moisture. This process helps prevent foot odor .

10. Choose shoes that don’t “smother” your feet: This is one of the main tips to get rid of foot odor . Well, Leather and fabrics (on the surface, lining, insole and sole) are the best materials for shoes in terms of avoiding foot odor, as they allow sweat to evaporate more easily. And the more open or with gaps the model, the better. Avoid shoes that are too closed and made of synthetic materials, such as rubber and plastic. They stimulate sweating and retain all the moisture in the feet, providing the ideal conditions for the emergence of bad odors.

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