7 Tips to Get Rid of a Stomach Pain

Tips to Get Rid of Belly Pain Belly pain is usually caused by diarrhea. In addition, this happens and due to increased bowel activity and bowel movements. This problem is usually caused by infections with viruses or bacteria, but also by other conditions that cause irritation of the intestine, such as drinking alcohol, food intolerances and some medications, such as antibiotics.

Eat Light Foods:  It’s no use wanting the pain to go away and eating a heavy hamburger, is it? The ideal is to consume light foods, because the body needs to stay energized. When recovered, relief from the tummy ache comes faster. Among the foods that should be avoided are spicy, fatty or sugary. Opt for oatmeal, stews, toast, crackers and rice.

Drink Rice Water: Rice  water is an excellent ally to get rid of a bellyache . The drink recipe consists of covering ½ cup of a bowl with grains of rice and water. Wait between 15 and 30 minutes and see if the water has become cloudy. When you see it’s ready, strain to remove the beans and drink.

Have You Ever Ingested Cola Syrup:  If your stomach ache is accompanied by nausea, one option is to ingest cola syrup. The ideal is to take between 1-2 tablespoons ( 15-30 ml) of the product, every two hours or so, To Stop Belly Pain . The drink must be pure or accompanied by ice.

Take Baking Soda:  Baking soda is a good ally to get rid of a bellyache , as its component is present in most antacids. To ingest, you can take a tablespoon of the product in a glass of warm water. Only return to taking the solution after at least two hours.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar:  Like cola syrup, apple cider vinegar helps fight stomach pain caused by nausea. Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Absorb Specific Nutrients From The StomachTo Eliminate Stomach Pain . To take, mix between 2 or 3 tablespoons (30-45 ml) of the liquid with a glass of warm water.

Teas are always welcome:  Peppermint tea is a good choice when you want to get rid of a bellyache . In addition to the sachet options, you can prepare your own tea. For this, soak a tablespoon of dried mint leaves in 500 ml of boiling water for about an hour. After that time, strain and drink.

Make sure you don’t have constipation:  Before resorting to medication, it’s important to check that the pain you’re feeling is not caused by possible constipation. Feeling nauseous is one of the symptoms of the problem.

If you find this to be the case, add plenty of water, eat prunes or, in more severe cases, take a laxative.

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Vomit If You Feel Like It:  We know how unpleasant it is to throw up, but if you feel like throwing up, don’t hold back, as this is the body’s way of expelling bacteria or viruses that may be causing stomach problems . In most cases, after vomiting you will experience greater relief . Don’t forget to brush your teeth as the gastric juices from the stomach can harm your teeth, and these were  The 7 Tips To Get Rid Of A Stomach Pain.

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