10 tips on how to unclog your nose fast!

These are the best tips on how to unclog your nose fast and simple is easier than we think as a stuffy nose can make people feel horrible. Those with a stuffy nose want quick relief so they can breathe easily again. Fortunately, there are many treatments for a stuffy nose, ranging from home remedies to medication.

Nasal congestion can develop when the blood vessels inside the nose become inflamed and the nasal tissues swell. Excessive mucus drainage can also occur with stuffy nose. As winter approaches and temperatures drop, cold viruses begin to run wild, infecting helpless victims and spreading like wildfire.

You’ve probably noticed that no matter where you go, a chorus of spiritual passers-by seems to follow you. In an attempt to stay healthy, you take echinacea pills, gargle with salt water , and load up on vitamin C.

But every year, no matter what happens, it starts to happen. You feel that scratch in your throat . You notice a dull ache in your breasts. A cold sets in. Before you know it, you’re in the depths of despair and suffering from a vicious cold that no amount of chicken soup seems able to cure.

Tips on how to unclog your nose fast:

1. Spicy foods:

Consuming spicy foods are great tips on how to unclog your nose fast . Also,  spicy foods often help to drain the nose. Like the steam effect, this effect may only be temporary, but it will help lead to longer lasting results.

Indian food, for example, with a Serrano pepper or cayenne pepper are excellent options for spicy foods. Mustard oil or wasabi are also great. Try adding peppers to your kitchen. If that’s too much effort, you can easily order spicy Indian or Vietnamese dishes.

2. Massage:

Massaging your sinuses can help unclog your nose and clear up congestion. It works, just like any massage, loosening things up.

  1. For 1 minute, massage between the eyebrows.
  2. This massage is very efficient on the nasal mucosa, prevents dryness, inflammation of the sinuses and has a prophylactic effect, that is, as a preventive measure against diseases.

3. Tablet:

A warm compress can help unclog a stuffy nose by opening the nasal passages on the outside. To make a hot compress, first soak a towel in  warm water .

Squeeze the water out  of the towel, then fold it over and place it on your nose and forehead. Heat can provide comfort from any pain and help relieve inflammation in the nostrils. Repeat this as many times as necessary.

4. Take a shower:

If you have a stuffy nose, you can breathe better after a hot shower. There is a good explanation for this. Shower steam helps to thin mucus in your nose and reduce inflammation. Taking a hot shower can help your breathing get back to normal, at least for a while.

You can achieve the same effect by breathing steam from  hot water into a sink.


  1. Turn on the hot water  in the bathroom sink.
  2. When the temperature is right, place a towel over your head and place your head over the sink.
  3. Let the steam build up and take a deep breath.
  4. Be careful not to burn your face in  hot water or steam.

5. Use spray salino:

Saline spray is one of the best tips on how to unclog your nose fast . This method not only eliminates any mucus but also soothes the inflammation in the nose which washes away bacteria. However, you can make your own nasal spray by mixing a quarter of a teaspoon of salt with a cup of  warm water . See the step by step:

  1. Lean over a sink so the tip of your nose points toward the drain (to let the salt water  out of your nose easily).
  2. Spray the mixture carefully into just one nostril at first and let it run completely out of your nose. Then spray the saline solution in the other nostril in the same way.
  3. Repeat spraying two or three times a day.

6. Stay hydrated:

Almost all liquids can help keep you hydrated when you’re sick, including water , sports drinks, and even juice. These drinks help thin mucus in the nasal passages, pushing fluids out of the nose and decreasing pressure in the sinuses. Less pressure means less inflammation and irritation.

If the stuffy nose is accompanied by a sore throat , hot tea and soup will also help to ease the discomfort in the throat .

7. Keep warm:

Keeping warm can also be one of the most important tips on how to unclog your nose fast . Also, people are advised to keep their hands and feet warm. Some people tend to shower every now and then.

Hot water and steam work like humidifiers – they reduce mucus in the nose and reduce inflammation. As a result, you clear a stuffy nose naturally. The same principle works when you hold your nose over a pot of boiling water  (but be careful and don’t burn your face).

8. Eucalyptus Oil:

Using eucalyptus oil  is also one of the rich tips on how to unclog your nose fast . It increases the number of phagocytic cells that destroy bacteria, increases circulation in the body, expels phlegm and decongests the nasal passages. Helps to unclog the nose instantly. You can use Eucalyptus Oil  in three ways:

  • Inhale it over a bowl of  hot water .
  • Pour a few drops into a pot or bowl of  steaming hot water .
  • Grab a towel and cover your head over the toilet so you can create your own mini spa.
  • Inhale the steam.
  • Just be careful not to get your face too close to the pan as the steam can get very hot and boiling water  can splash out.
  • Start with your face more than 30 cm away from the water  and adjust accordingly.
  • Put a few drops on the pillow before bed.
  • Then sprinkle a few drops on your pillow so you can inhale it while you sleep.
  • Put a few drops of  eucalyptus oil on  a tissue and smell it throughout the day.

9. Warm water:

This is one of the best tips on how to unclog your nose fast  that couldn’t be left out. One of the explanations why your nose is stuffy is because of mucus buildup. Drinking plenty of warm water can help thin that mucus and drain it, which is why it’s always the standard advice given by doctors to patients with sinuses. Also, warm water or tea is even better, because the heat will loosen the mucus and help you breathe better.

10. Use a humidifier:

This is also one of the best tips on how to unclog your nose fast . The humidifier provides a quick and easy way to reduce nostril pain and relieve a stuffy nose. The machine converts water  into moisture which slowly fills the air, increasing the humidity in a room.

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Breathing in this moist air can soothe irritated tissues and swollen blood vessels in the nose and sinuses, helping to unclog. Also, humidifiers thin the mucus in your sinuses. This can help you to empty fluid from your nose and get back to breathing normally. Place a humidifier in your bedroom to relieve the inflammation that is causing congestion.

How to sleep with a stuffy nose:

  • Support your head to help the mucus drain. You can do this by using two or more pillows to keep your head elevated.
  • Wash your nose with a saline spray before bed. Plus, moisture does wonders for decongestion.
  • Use a humidifier or diffuser in your bedroom to ensure your nasal passages stay moist throughout the night. Adding a few drops  of eucalyptus oil would be even better. The menthol in eucalyptus  is antibacterial and helps to open up blocked mucus membranes.
  • Rub your chest with Eucalyptus Oil  from Vick  ‘s  Steam Oil . Again, menthol heals with decongestion.

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