Tips on How to Maintain a Balanced Diet

Tips on How to Maintain a Balanced Diet Effectively. In addition, a balanced and healthy diet prevents nutritional deficiencies and protects against infectious diseases. A good diet must be varied and therefore rich in nutrients that can improve the body’s defenses. For a healthy diet, it must be composed of proteins, good fats, carbohydrates, amino acids, fibers, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.Vary the types of cereals, meats, vegetables, fats, vegetables and fruits, alternating the colors of the food. The more varied the food, the better. Everything should be consumed in moderation, nothing in excess. So, check out  The 8 Tips on How to Maintain a Balanced Diet.Meat: One of the best  Tips on How to Maintain a Balanced Diet  is to insert meat at least 2 times a week, in one of the meals. Red meat should be present on your plate. When preparing, choose to grill the steak and remove the fat before cooking.

Bread, Pasta and Other Carbohydrates:  A good Tips on How to Maintain a Balanced Diet  is to take it easy on these types of products, consuming them in moderation. A tip to change the menu is to replace the rice with 3 tablespoons of pasta, 1 small unit of boiled potato or 1 small cassava . For breakfast, breakfast cereals can be exchanged for ½ unit of French bread without crumbs or 2 crackers of water and salt.

Dairy: Another good Tips on How to Maintain a Balanced Diet  is to consume up to 2 servings a day of this food. For a change, you can choose between 1 glass of skimmed milk, 1 medium slice of white cheese, 1 pot (180 ml) of  skimmed yogurt or 1 tablespoon of light curd.

Poultry, Fish and Eggs:  One of the Tips on How to Maintain a Balanced Diet  is that you should consume up to 2 servings of this food group. The recommended options for you to choose from are 1 medium piece of skinless roasted drumstick, 2 pieces of boiled eggs or 1 grilled fish fillet.

Legumes and Oilseeds:  Another of the best Tips on How to Maintain a Balanced Diet  is that for lunch and dinner, you can choose between ½ cup of beans , lentils , white beans or  peas . From the group of oilseeds, the ideal is to consume 3 units of walnuts, Brazil nuts or Cashew nuts , etc.

Fruits:  You should consume 2 or 3 a day, respecting a good interval of hours between one fruit and another fruit, this is one of the Tips on How to Maintain a Balanced Diet . The most caloric, such as Coconut and Açaí , should only be included in your menu once a week.

Vegetables and Vegetables:  In this case, there is no type of restriction. You can eat them at will.

Whole Grains and Vegetable Oils:  This is one of the best tips on how to maintain a balanced diet. Always use 1 teaspoon of olive oil when dressing salads. Soybean oil shouldbe used in cooking food. In the case of cereals, 3 tablespoons of rice at lunch and dinner are ideal. For breakfast or snacks between meals, consume 3 tablespoons of light breakfast cereal or 1 light cereal bar.

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