10 Things You Should Never Do to Your Intimate!

These are some things that should never be done to your private part as you may have a problem or a sudden change in your vagina can be very distressing. Few women are familiar with the common ailments that our genitals can suffer from, so they are surprised and overly concerned about a symptom that may not be so alarming.

That’s why we want to share some of the common conditions that alter the appearance and function of the vagina. If you detect any of them, consult your gynecologist without delay.

In this section you’ll learn about some things you might be doing, but doing so can be a pernicious threat to your privates and overall health.

Things that should never be done to your private part:

1. Spirit:

Obviously, you should be clean, but not like some divas think that getting water in her vagina will make her feel better, Lie! You don’t have to introduce water, if you do you change the pH and you eliminate the properties that your body has as protection against certain biological attacks.

2. Objects:

This is one of the main things that should never be done to your private part. Also, neither as a joke nor out of curiosity you should put glass or plastic objects in your private part, or let your man do that. If so much is the pleasure of placing objects in your intimate part, don’t use plastic or glass ones, instead use stainless steel ones.

3. Fingers:

As you know, fingers are part of the hand and are usually always exposed to any dirt or contagion. If you introduce your fingers or let someone else do it, they will pass impurities and bacteria into your body. When you’re with your partner, make sure they’re squeaky clean. If you do this anyway, try to disinfect them very well.

4. Dyeing:

This is another of the things that should never be done to your private part. Also, dyeing your pubic hair, in recent times, is very fashionable, but you should know that it is very dangerous for your health, you can even die. Women’s intimate area is very weak to dyes, so you should avoid this if you don’t want to suffer from some monstrous disease.

5. Use creams or pastes as lubricants:

Never in your life use or allow your partner to put pastes or creams on your intimate part, on the pretext that it will slide more smoothly. These creams are made with chemicals that are usually very harmful to your intimate area.

6. Piercing:

This is one of the main  things that should never be done to your private part.  Never use objects on your private parts that tend to contaminate you with an infection . These are very dangerous because they stick to dirt easily.

7. Tattoo:

In some cases, they are usually very harmful to health due to the amount of ink they contain. They are causing a lot of ugly skin, they also give you a bad look.

8. Cleaning yourself wrongly:

When you clean your intimate area, do it from front to back, because if you do it from back to front, it can bring up any anus-related dirt.

9. Wearing peer underwear:

This is one of the things that should never be done to your private part. Maybe you’ve suddenly gone for a walk with your friends and forgot to take your extra underwear, don’t wear any that aren’t yours. You don’t know if the girl you’re lending is in good health. Instead, don’t use anything. No problem, because no one will see you.

10. Ignore any symptoms:

If you experience any pain , irritation, burning, or any unusual discharge , see your doctor as soon as possible. You don’t play with health, much more if it’s the area that gives pleasure to the body.

What would you add to the list, let us know in the comments.

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