The 9 Fig Side Effects

Fig side effects are rare, and if not kept under control, it can be dangerous for you in the future. While it is beneficial in a number of ways, its excessive consumption can be harmful. Do you remember the days when you were a child and your mother had to hide the fig jar from you?

This is because figs are so sweet and delicious that if they were left they would be devoured within a few hours. But as the saying goes, too much of a good thing becomes bad. Figs are packed with nutrients and are beneficial for skin, hair and overall health. But you must consume it in adequate amount to avoid its Side Effects . So, check out now  The 9 Fig Side Effects: 

Heavy Stomach:  Excess of Figs can be heavy on the Stomach  and can cause Stomach Pain . While for those who suffer from constipation it can benefit, it can end up with the stomach of others. Drinking cold water after eating figs helps with Stomach related issues .

Bloating:  In addition to Stomach Pain , Figs cause bloating. Drinking anise water helps to cure the problem.

Sun Sensitivity:  While figs are useful in treating chronic skin conditions and are also beneficial in treating skin tumors , their side effects  can harm the skin by increasing its sensitivity to the sun’s rays.

UV rays are harmful to the skin and can result in conditions such as premature aging, melanoma and skin cancer . It can also result in skin rashes. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun if you consume figs regularly in order to avoid  skin related problems .

Liver and Intestine Problems:  Figs can be harmful to the Liver . They can also cause obstruction of the intestines due to their seeds. While eating, the seeds present in figs are difficult to digest. This is one of themost dangerous side effects of figs that you should be aware of.

 Calcium Absorption: Figs contain oxalates, which interfere with the absorption of calcium in the body. This interference results in calcium deficiency in our body, which can lead to weak bones, and other diseases related to calcium deficiency .

Bleeding:  Figs are hot in nature and can cause bleeding. Excess of figs can result in retinal bleeding, rectal bleeding and a slight vaginal bleeding. It can also result inHemolytic Anemia . In case of rectal and vaginal bleeding, stop eating figs to see if the bleeding stops. If not, check with your doctor.

Blood Sugar Levels:  Figs lower the blood sugar level in the body. This helps Diabetic patients , but can be harmful for those suffering from low blood sugar. If you are suffering from low blood sugar, avoid eating figs .

Allergy:  If you are allergic to Figs , be aware that among  Figs Side Effects, it can cause conjunctivitis, Rhinitis and anaphylactic shock. It can also cause Asthma . Check if you have any allergies to figs before consuming them.

Harmful Oxalates:  Oxalates present in figs are harmful for those who are already suffering from kidney or gallbladder problems and other ailments. In this case, fig consumptioncan worsen the condition. Figs also harm thespleen, which is responsible for the production of white blood cells.

These are the Side Effects that can result from overeating Figs . You can avoid most of them if you only eat the amount you need without meeting the demands of your tongue. But if you are suffering from any allergic reaction and low blood sugar then you should avoid figs and consult your doctor to know more about figs benefits and side effects.

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