The 8 Ways to Use Baking Soda for Health

The 8 Tips for Using Baking Soda for Health is easy to prepare and can be done at home. Furthermore, baking soda is a solid, crystalline, white compound that is known for its many uses and benefits for the body. Baking soda is cheap and easy to find. Sodium bicarbonate also contains fabulous properties that allow us to use it in countless ways. Then Check Out The 8 Ways To Use Baking Soda For Health.Facial Skincare: In today’s article, we decided to introduce you to 8 beauty uses of baking soda ! Baking soda can be especially used by people with sensitive skin. Simply prepare a paste made up of ¾ of baking soda and ¼ of water. Use this mixture to remove dead cells from the surface of your face, without worrying that your face will scuff, because baking soda is very gentle.

Deodorant: Baking soda is the best alternative to deodorants. Use baking soda combined with several drops of water to absorb unpleasant odor.

Shampoo: Baking soda is great if you have hair that gets greasy very quickly, or if you use a lot of hair styling products. Use this shampoo every now and then. It will help you to remove any build up, make your hair smooth, soft and beautiful. Prepare it while you are showering, put a shampoo in your hand and add a teaspoon of baking soda and apply to your hair.

Shampoo for dry hair: One of the 8 uses for applying sodium bicarbonate is this one! If you need to refresh your hair in the morning quickly, you can use spray to wash your hair dry, or baking soda ! Use it as baby powder. Apply a little to the roots of your hair (but don’t overdo it because your hair will turn white) let it sit for several minutes in order to absorb the particles that make it look oily, then give your scalp a good massage. Comb your hair normally.

Toothpaste: Mix baking soda with 3% hydrogen in proportion so that you get a thick paste. This mixture will whiten your teeth, and baking soda has similar properties.

Facial Peel: One of the 8 tips for using baking soda is to use it as a body peel. Take an empty bottle or body care packaging product. Fill the bottle or sock pack with Baking soda and add 25 drops of essential oil, then add water to fill the container.

Pedicure: Prepare your own relaxing treatment. Place your feet in the hot water in which you have already added 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda . Shake to dissolve. Add some essential oil, for example lavender, as it has relaxing properties. Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes. After that make a demarcation for the feet using the same mixture as for the demarcation face.

Coating for Mild Burns: The last tip for using baking soda is to use it as a coating for mild burns! This mixture is very helpful for sunburns because it helps to reduce heat and renew the skin and it certainly helps to lessen the pain. Prepare a mixture of 2 teaspoons of baking soda in a liter of water, then soak a soft, clean cloth and apply to the critical area as a cover. Replace the cloth after it gets dry and hot!

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