The 8 Side Effects of Dates!

The 7 Side Effects of Dates . In addition, dates can be beneficial for some, but can be harmful for others. Dates are probably one of the sweetest things on the planet. This fruit full of sugars leaves anyone drooling, even more if it is mixed with a dose of honey. But you have to be careful to avoid excessive consumption. Before eating the dates , you should read this article with the side effects of dates . Then check it out. The 7 Side Effects Of Dates.High Sugar Levels:  I think this is pretty obvious. Given the high levels of sugar in these fruits, you need to limit their consumption in order to escape high blood sugar . But then, not all types of dates are harmful. It is the dried dates that have a high glycemic index of 103. This is higher than that of glucose.

Not the Right Food for Weight Loss:  Other  Side Effects of Dates, is that they are high in fiber and fiber helps with weight loss , there are a couple of factors that make dates  a non-ideal food for weight loss : Energy density Any food that is low in energy density (calories per gram) plays a good role in weight loss without giving you too many calories.

But the scenario is different in the case of dates or other nuts. Dates have about 2.8 calories per gram, which is nearly double that of low-energy density foods, which have only 1.5 calories per gram. Dates are also high in calories when compared to most other fruits.

Stomach Pain:  There are two  Date Side Effects  that make date palms notorious for stomach upset : High fiber content – ​​Fiber is known for its unrivaled ability to prevent heart disease and type 2 diabetes. based on plants that are not digested in the body. These undigested carbohydrates help in maintaining smooth bowel movements.

When you eat too much fiber, this destroys the bacteria in your intestines and leads to stomach upset. The body’s sensitivity to sulfite – sulfite is a chemical compound added to dates to maintain their texture and shine. Sulfite also prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, thus increasing the shelf life of the fruit. In case you are sensitive to sulfite, you may experience some complications like bloating, stomach pain and diarrhea.

Stomach Gas:  Foods high in fructose should be blamed for stomach gas . In addition, dates are well known for their high fructose content.

Diarrhea:  Foods high in fiber can cause diarrhea. In case you are in the habit of adding a lot of fiber in your diet, there are chances of having diarrhea.

May Cause Allergies in Some People:  Fermented foods have a tendency to cause allergies in some people due to the presence of histamine in them. Dried fruits, like dates , are rich in histamine. Salicylates, a type of chemicals commonly found in all plants, can also induce allergy symptoms in some people. Dates contain a good amount of salicylates.

Not Healthy for Infants:  For babies, dates are incredibly thick and difficult to digest. When your teeth and intestines are still not strong enough to digest foods like dates , keeping away from the fruit is the best you can do. Date palms also carry the prospect of choking a baby’s windpipe.

Dates are sweet, flavorful and uncontrollably tempting. There is no doubt about it. But when their excessive consumption has some adverse effects, we need to limit their intake, don’t we?

Hope you enjoyed this article highlighting the side effects of eating dates ! Be sure to share with us if you know of any other date palm side effects.

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