The 7 Health Benefits of Western Artemisia!

Western Artemisia provides the essential nutrients for overall health Plus, if you’ve never heard of Western Artemisia , you’re certainly not alone. The herb has been largely ignored by modern herbalists, but it has a long history of use among Native Americans.

Western Artemisia is one of several common names given to an herb known scientifically as Artemisia ludoviciana . It is very popular in Mexico, where it is used to treat a variety of conditions, ranging from diabetes to premenstrual symptoms.

The plant usually thrives in sandy and rocky soils. The plant produces leaves with different shapes and also small yellow or green flowers. The plant itself is covered in microscopic hairs that lend it a distinctive silvery green appearance.

It is usually the fresh or dried leaves that are used for medicinal purposes, but flowers are also occasionally used. When it comes to scientific study, there are few scientific articles about the health benefits of this herb. Most of the therapeutic benefits stem from its traditional use.

Benefits of western mugwort:

1. Treat pain:

Currently, Western Artemisia has been used in Mexico for numerous problems such as pain relief and digestive problems. A recent animal study published in 2016 found that the essential oil of this herb had the ability to significantly relieve pain. This must have been a result of the herb’s opioid effects.

Another study published in 2012 found that Western Artemisia  had antispasmodic qualities when it was tested on rats.

2. Regulate the menstrual cycle:

Traditionally, Western Mugwort has been used to help women alleviate some of these premenstrual symptoms.

Women with late or irregular periods are also advised to drink Western Artemisia tea to regulate their periods. The nutrients and chemical compounds found in this plant can also help the body to have a better hormonal rhythm, which can help in the regulation of menstruation.

3. Control diabetes: 

In Mexico, Western Artemisia has played a role in the treatment of diabetes. Several studies have been performed on animals to validate the control of blood glucose levels. The results proved to be very promising.

A study published in 2014 proved that preparations made with Western Artemisia had hypoglycemic effects as well as antihyperglycemic actions. The researchers believe these effects explain why this herb is such an effective diabetic treatment in modern-day Mexico.

According to the researchers, some of the compounds found in the plant act synergistically on various molecular targets that involve insulin release and glucose uptake. Other animal studies have revealed similar positive results, but human trials have yet to be done.

4. Treat stomach problems: 

Western Artemisia is popularly used as a remedy for various stomach problems. It has a well-known reputation for being a potent tonic with stomach-healing properties. Tea from this plant can relieve symptoms of food poisoning, including cramping and nausea, and is a popular Mexican remedy for diarrhea .

Western Artemisia has antimicrobial and inflammatory capabilities, as well as carminative properties that can alleviate various digestive problems, including flatulence, dyspepsia, dysentery, and gastric inflammation.

5. Stop Diarrhea:

Western  Artemisia is a folk remedy in Mexico for diarrhea . When experimented on animals they show that Western Artemisia extracts have antispasmodic actions and the ability to soothe the stomach.

This plant is also used in Mexico to treat diarrhea and the researchers concluded that its ability to alleviate diarrhea is likely related to the plant’s antiparasitic and antimicrobial properties.

6. Skin health: 

Due to its excellent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory actions, a cold infusion made from the herb can be applied topically to treat wounds, pastes, bites and bruises. The properties of this plant are ideal for preventing the spread of bacteria and speeding up the healing time for a wound.

7. Treat rheumatism and arthritis:

Traditionally, Western Artemisia has been used to deal with the painful symptoms of conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis. This must be attributed to the plant’s anti-inflammatory ability. If you are suffering from one of these problems, you should sip this tea every day.

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