The 6 Symptoms During Menstruation That Are Not Normal

Symptoms During Menstruation That Are Not Normal that we should be aware of. In addition, it is difficult to talk about the menstrual period, as it is a topic that is still considered a taboo. But discussing women’s health issues is the first step in understanding the body better and ensuring it is completely healthy. For example, many women don’t really fully understand the difference between a normal menstrual period symptom and a symptom that is abnormal.

When our organs operate out of the ordinary, it can be embarrassing to discuss these issues – even with healthcare professionals. Therefore, this silence ends as of today, especially if you are experiencing any of these seven symptoms. So, check out  The 7 Symptoms During Menstruation That Are Not Normal.

Extremely Heavy  Bleeding: Excessive bleeding is one of the Symptoms During Menstruation That Are Not Normal. Also, you’ve probably heard that the blood you discharge during your period is equivalent to a tablespoon or two. Even if you apply a tampon, it’s not considered a lot of blood, so there’s no reason to be alarmed. For some women, this is the case. But others, however, have an extremely heavy flow.

There is a significant difference between heavy flow and extremely heavy bleeding during your period. If you use more than five pads a day, and your blood is thick, it’s important to talk to your obstetrician-gynecologist about possible hormonal imbalances and health issues.

Severe Cramping:  If you are experiencing extremely painful sensations and pain in the pelvic area while you are on your period, you should not ignore this symptom as it is one of the Symptoms During Menstruation That Are Not Normal . This type of pain should be reported to a medical professional as soon as possible so that they can discover the most severe causes.

Irregular Periods:  Another of the Symptoms During Menstruation That Are Not Normal  is the irregular period. In addition, many women’s menstrual periods are not regular, and this can sometimes cause confusion among the female audience about the regularity of their periods. Consider that a good cycle is between 28 and 32 days. Less, or more than that, you should check your hormones.

When the menstrual period is not regulated it can mean nothing, but it can also be a serious sign that something is not right. So, seek medical help.

Large Blood Clots:  This is another one of the main Symptoms During Menstruation That Are Not Normal. Menstrual blood should flow easily. However, some women think that the presence of large clots during their period is normal.

This is not the case – while some clotting can occur, especially overnight during a cycle, large clots are not a part of the menstrual period. These clots can become trapped inside the uterine opening, causing blockages and other serious illnesses.

Back Pain: Back  pain during menstrual periods are Symptoms During Menstruation That Are Not Normal . This type of pain, accompanied by pain in other regions of the pelvis, can signal a variety of health issues, such as endometriosis , cysts , or fibroids .

Painful Bowel Movements:  There are many reasons for having severe and painful bowel movements, and many of them are unrelated to your cycle. In addition, these  Symptoms During Menstruation that Are Not Normal  we should all be aware of.

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If bowel movements occur frequently or only during your period, you may have endometriosis . It’s not uncommon to have pain during bowel movements during your period, but severe pain could be a sign of a uterine lining in your appendix or bowel.

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