The 6 Side Effects of Blackberry

The 6 Side Effects of Blackberry . However, what may be beneficial for some may also be harmful for others. Also, did you know that sweet mulberry can have side effects? Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? This fruit is formed on the silk tree. Blackberry has a multitude of medicinal benefits. However, this can cause some pretty nasty allergies and also side effects. But before talking about them, let’s first check out the benefits of blackberry fruit .

  • Blackberries are low in calories, have anti-cancer properties and are a rich source of resveratrol.
  • Blackberries also contain important nutrients such as Vitamin E , Vitamin A , iron , potassium , magnesium and manganese .
  • Blackberries help fight arthritis , diabetes , hypertension and constipation.

Of course, blackberries have many more benefits, but let’s focus on their side effects. Then check it out. The 6 Side Effects of Cranberry.

Blood Sugar Effects:  The American Diabetes Association (ADA) tested the effects of blackberry extract and sucrose intake on how it affects blood sugar usage in 20 humans. Ten of the twenty were non-diabetic and the others were type II diabetics on oral medications. Both sets of people were diagnosed with a reduction in initial glucose levels after eating sugar .

A compound called 1-deoxynojirimycin or DNJ is the main culprit behind this drop. They have α-glucosidase inhibitors such as acarbose and blackberry extract , which are believed to enhance the effects of these drugs. It usually leads to a sudden drop in blood sugar . This adverse side effect of blackberry is particularly harmful and can upset the blood sugar balance in your body.

Skin Cancer Risk:  Here comes one ofmost dangerous blackberry side effects . Many skin care products feature blackberry extract . Blackberry contains arbutin, a compound that helps lighten theskin, making it fairer. Arbutin is a hydroquinone that prevents the release of melanin by containing a tyrosinase enzyme.

A study by French researchers in 2010 found that hydroquinone may be the direct cause of cell carcinoma. The carcinogenic side effects of hydroquinone have been studied in animals. Although arbutin is a milder form of hydroquinone, it can still cause skin cancer. So, if you use a skin lightening product that contains blackberry extract , you could be putting yourself at risk of getting skin cancer.

Interferes With Chemotherapy:  Researchers at Nihon University in Tokyo observed that albanol, a substance extracted from the bark of blackberry root , can trigger cellular apoptosis in leukemia cells.

While this is clearly a good thing, and the situation could not be more optimistic, the important thing is that blackberry extracts should be avoided by patients undergoing chemotherapy unless their doctor specifically allows it. Mulberry extracts should not be taken without a doctor’s supervision and approval.

Absorbs Carbohydrates:  As it has been known to hinder the absorption of carbohydrates, it has thus become one ofmost common blackberry side effects . Besides that. Blackberries can hinder triacylglycerol andcarbohydrate absorption due to their ability to prevent α-amylase, α-glucosidase, pancreatic and sodium lipase – all glucose transporters.

Low Blood Sugar:  Mulberry extract is used in a variety of recipes. Mulberries are known to lower blood sugar, and this can lead to hypoglycemia . This condition can lead to hunger, headache, blurred vision, excessive sweating, dizziness, confusion and tremors. Blackberries ,therefore, should be eaten with a little caution.

Effects on Kidneys:  Blackberries area rich source of potassium . Potassium can cause complications in people who suffer from kidney disorders and gallbladder pain. Although potassium has many health benefits and is important for our growth, blackberries should be avoided by people who have kidney disease and gallbladder complaints. If you have kidney stones or any other disorder, you should avoid blackberries and even blackberry tea.

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