The 6 Health Benefits of Mullein

The Health Benefits of Mullein  are diverse, as it has a large amount of essential nutrients for the general health of the body. Plus, there’s nothing better than reaping the full benefit of nature and using it to improve your appearance and well-being. You can do just that when you use Mullein , an herbal plant loaded with many health positives.

This plant, along with its leaves and flowers, can do wonders for your skin and hair. It also has many other health benefits. In fact, Mullein is a favorite herb among homeopathic practitioners as it is used as an ingredient in many homeopathic preparations.

Mullein is a plant found extensively in most parts of Asia and Europe. You can also find it in the Himalayan region. Because of its many health benefits, Mullein has been used extensively in North America.

The maturation months of the plant are July and August, when the plant becomes covered with fragrant flowers. The leaves have a sweet fragrance like the flowers. This would explain why flowers and leaves are used in certain alcoholic beverages! They help improve the taste of these drinks. So, check out  the 6 Health Benefits of Mullein: 

Mullein Benefits To Treat Most Skin Disorders:  Would you like silky smooth skin? Who wouldn’t, right? So just use Mullein oiland own silky smooth skin! This oil is made from Mullein flowers and has antiseptic properties. The oil can remove disease-causing germs and pathogens. This is the reason why the oil is used to cure many skin related disorders.

Mullein is Great as a Conditioner:  Rough, thick hair can become soft and manageable. Here’s the secret – use Mullein extract on your hair! Not only will it give you silky smooth hair, but it will also help get rid of split ends. This is because the extract is rich in vitamins, namely B1, B5 and Vitamin B12 . These vitamins are proven to be beneficial for hair health and growth .

Mullein Works as an Antiseptic:  Mullein can be used as an antiseptic on open wounds and minor burns. Just make a paste of flowers and apply it on wounds, burns and cuts. Not only will it give you a soothing effect, it will also heal the wound faster than most pharmaceutical remedies. The paste also has the ability to clear skin infections such as ringworm .

Mullein Provides Healthy Hair:  A modern lifestyle means troublesome hair. Thanks to smoke and pollution, many people complain about hair and scalp problems. You can stop these problems if you use extracts made from the Mullein flower. These extracts can keep your scalp and hair healthy.

Benefits of Mullein for Winter Problems:  Dry skin is a problem of the cold winter months. But you no longer have to worry about dry and itchy skin. Just use a paste of Mullein leaves and let them hydrate your skin deeply. These leaves work as a natural moisturizer. If you suffer from Eczema , the paste can help reduce the symptoms of this skin problem.

Mullein Helps Eradicate Dandruff:  Are You Suffering From Dandruff ? Forget the products marketed in the market. Instead, use Mullein extract and get rid of dandruff and scalp irritation.

Benefits of Mullein for Lungs: Mullein extracthas the ability to cure lung diseases such as Whooping Cough , Bronchitis and Tuberculosis . There is also some evidence that the extract can be beneficial in cases of pneumonia as well. Due to Mullein ‘s ability to cure respiratory ailments, some people who suffer from the cold may inhale the smoke from Mullein leaves . The smoke can clear a congested nose and ear. Mullein flower extractcan be helpful in treating conditions like  Colds , Earaches and  Flu .

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