The 6 Foods That Support Thyroid Health

Foods that Support Thyroid Health are essential to keep it working properly. Considered one of the most important glands in the human body, the thyroid is responsible for the secretion of hormones and performs the tasks of supervising, stimulating and inducing all organs and functions of the body in a certain sequence.

Thus, when it goes to work in the wrong way, it can generate the excess or decrease of certain hormones in the body. Therefore, keeping your health up to date is essential to ensure well-being. So, learn what to include in your everyday menu to regulate this gland! So, check out  The 6 Foods that Boost Thyroid Health:

Marine algae: spirulina, agar-agar and chlorella are good examples of algae considered important for thyroid metabolism, as they are rich in iodine , an essential mineral for the hormones produced by this gland.

Egg Yolk: The famous ingredient in omelets also offers thyroid benefits, as it contains amounts of Iodine .

Milk and Derivatives: both the drink and cheeses and yogurts are rich in Iodine , which is capable of favoring the work of the gland.

Fish Oil: this variation is a guaranteed source of iodine , being present, in the majority, in tuna and salmon . Like Sea Algae , Fish Oil is also rich in Iodine . The recommended consumption is 120g of fish, three times a week.

Sardines: Among the main causes of problems in the functioning of the thyroid is an irregular diet, lacking in the consumption of Iodine , in addition to other nutrients, such as Selenium and Zinc . Thus, as a guaranteed source of zinc , sardines must have a guaranteed presence in people’s food plans.

Nutrients for Good:  Consuming foods that have  SeleniumZincCopper  and  Iodine  in their composition is a practical way to avoid thyroid dysfunctions. So, bet on allies like mushroom, seafood, black beans,  spinach , nuts in general and red meat.

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