The 5 simple tips on how to define the belly!

The 5 Simple Tips on How to Define the Belly Are you afraid of plastic surgery? Bet on creams and aesthetic treatments. Physical exercise doesn’t fit in your schedule? Control the power. One way or another, you manage to eliminate the bulging belly. Find out here what will be your way

It is important to write down why you want to lose belly fat , keeping your focus on the final goal, taking pictures of your progress and having a scale to weigh yourself once a week, because that way you can get a real sense of the benefits of exercise and the right diet . So, check out now   The 5 Ways to Boost Your Tummy.

War against the belly:  Bet on abdominal exercises to conquer the body of your dreams. Nothing worse for self-esteem than those protruding folds in the abdomen, right? If you’re tired of disguising your love handles with looser clothes and want to get rid of those terrible fats, there’s nothing more efficient than combining a good diet with the practice of physical activities . Check out the following exercise tips to do and flatten your belly in no time!

Rectus abdominis:  Lie on a mat and keep your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Support your hands behind your head and bend your torso slightly, without straining your neck. During the exercise, don’t bring your chin to your chest. This exercise is one of the ways of How to Turbine the Tummy.

Transverse with support:  Lying down, support your legs on a chair so that you don’t have to lift your hips off the floor. Extend one of your arms at shoulder height and support it on the floor. Make a slight rotation of the torso, raising the other arm , with the elbow towards the opposite knee. Repeat on the other side.

Infra-abdominal:  Lie down ,bend your knees , keeping your feet flat on the floor and your arms extended by your sides. hip . On the return of the movement, do not touch the ground with your feet.

Smooth and Defined:  For visible results, results should be performed 3 times a week. In the first week, do 2 sets of 15 repetitions of each exercise; in the second week, 3 sets of 15 repetitions; in the third week, 3 sets of 20 repetitions and, from the fourth week, 3 to 4 sets of 30 repetitions. The interval between sets should be 1 minute“, recommends physical educator Maurício Antunes.

Inhale deeply:  If the belly is not very protruding, but the little tire is insistent in the region – these tips will tell you How to Boost the Tummy. Of those who resist hours at the gym, go for liposuction. There are several types of lipo – it can be laser, ultrasonic, vibro-lipo, circumferential, hydro lipo or mini-lipo , each one suitable for a patient profile.

Some have artifices that facilitate the aspiration of fat and cause less postoperative trauma, others are indicated for smaller areas, but the principle is always the same: a thin cannula is introduced in the desired region (abdomen, in this case) and aspirates the excess. of accumulated fat .

Everything solved:  Now, if the problem is bigger, literally, the indicated surgery is Dermolipectomy (or abdominoplasty). From an incision similar to that of a cesarean section, the professional has access to all internal tissues to correctmuscle flaccidity .

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Excess skin and fat – for this, the doctor removes excess fat and skin and repositions the rest. “Classic abdominoplasty can be associated with liposuction. And in the presence of muscle flaccidity or excess skin and fat below the navel, a mini-abdominoplasty is performed .

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