The 4 Symptoms That Could Be Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Symptoms that could be signs of Ovarian Cancer be aware. In addition, we live in such a rush that we sometimes forget to take care of something as precious as our health. Ovarian cancer develops when cells in the ovaries form tumors that become malignant. It is often referred to as “the silent killer” as it shows few or no symptoms, which are quite difficult to detect with screening.While it is more common in postmenopausal women, it has recently started to affect younger women in their 30s and 40s. According to recent research, early detection of cancer remarkably increases the chances of survival, so regular check-ins are a must.

Unfortunately, there is currently no reliable test. CA125 blood tests can give false negatives while smear tests are not able to pick up malignant cells. There is still another problem, though. Many of the symptoms are often confused with those associated with other conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome. Consequently, the tumor is diagnosed at stage 3, when it becomes too late. So, check out  The 4 Symptoms That Could Be Signs of Ovarian Cancer.

Persistent Swelling Can Be Signs of Ovarian Cancer:  Constant and frequent swelling, which lasts for more than three weeks, often indicates a cancerous tumor growth.

Abdominal Pain Could Be Signs of Ovarian Cancer:  Although menstrual cramps and pain during menstruation are normal, persistent pain that lasts longer than three weeks can be a sign of ovarian cancer . Pre-menopausal women should be especially careful, as these symptoms are often easily passed on to period pain. 

Difficulty Eating and Feeling Full Quickly  Could Be Signs of Ovarian Cancer:  A decrease in appetite that goes out of the blue and continues for more than three weeks can be a sign of various illnesses, among which stomach , bowel and bowel problems are the most common. However, it can be a sign of cancer too, so be sure to see your doctor.

Increased Need to Urinate Could be Signs of Ovarian Cancer:  In case you find yourself visiting the toilet a lot more times than before without any changes regarding your fluid intake, it is very likely that you have early stages of ovarian cancer. ovary. Another sign that indicates ovarian cancer is an urgent need to pee and inability to hold it back.

Most of these symptoms can easily be confused with problems and illnesses with the gastrointestinal tract. So if you try any of them and you haven’t before, it’s crucial to monitor your persistence and frequency. If they don’t subside within a few weeks, see your doctor and get checked out as soon as possible.

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Remember that monitoring our health and learning to recognize symptoms is the key to early detection and a greater chance of survival.

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