The 4 Simple Tips for You to Cure Anemia

The 4 Simple Tips For You To Cure Anemia  are quite easy because following correctly The 4 Tips , which are not complicated, you will Cure Anemia  and get rid of this evil. Also, Anemia  is a problem caused by the drop in the number of red blood cells in the blood . Tiredness, a feeling of weakness and discouragement are symptoms that can be a sign of Anemia . Anemia is caused by a  decrease in the number of red blood cells.

These cells contain iron and are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. There are 2 forms of Anemia , Acute Anemia  (sudden loss of blood ) and Chronic Anemia  (when the problem has existed for a long time, with losses gradually) and only the hemogram can show the situation of red blood cells. People of all ages are subject to Anemia , but attention needs to be redoubled in childhood, during pregnancy and in the elderly.

Use Iron Pans: Another of the Simple Tips for You to Cure Anemia  is to use iron panswhen preparing your food, because iron pans can help in the prevention of iron deficiency anemia  , as there is a bioavailability of the iron released by the material during the cooking (cooking) of food.

In one study it was shown that cast iron pans release large amounts of iron, with acetic acid being considerably more active in extraction than lactic acid. While iron release varied between 50 and 400mg/L in lactic acid, extraction was five times higher in acetic acid solution.

Which means that the pH (acidity) of the food favors the migration of iron from the iron pans to the food, presenting a greater addition of iron than less acidic foods. A tomato sauce, for example, when prepared in an iron pan favors iron migration five times more than a bean prepared in the same iron pan, due to the very acidic nature of tomato sauce .

Eat Foods Rich in Iron: One of the most important Simple Tips for You to Cure Anemia  is the adoption of a healthy diet rich in iron . In addition, whenever you consume foods rich in iron, you should ingest some source of vitamin C, as vitamin C will contribute to the absorption of iron in the body. Some examples of foods rich in vitamin C are yellow or orange fruits, such as orange, tangerine, pineapple, acerola, cashew, passion fruit and papaya, etc.

Foods for You to Cure Anemia  are rich in iron , as they are essential in the manufacture of hemoglobin in the blood . For this, it is necessary to ingest the recommended amount of 8 mg every day for men and women over 50 years old, and 18 mg for women under 50 years old. There are many foods that can help you reach the recommended daily amount, check out some examples.

Amount of Iron in 100g of Each Food:

  • Dehydrated genipap – 14.9 mg
  • Liver – 12 mg
  • Acai – 11.8 mg
  • Hard soya – 8.8 mg
  • Black beans – 8.6 mg
  • Tofu – 6,5 mg
  • Mussels – 6.0 mg
  • Ostras – 5,8 mg
  • Fig in syrup – 5.2 mg
  • Brazil nuts – 5.0 mg

Avoid Foods that Make Iron Absorption Difficult:  To improve iron absorption in the intestine, another of the Simple Tips for You to Cure Anemia  is to use strategies such as not combining foods that will make your body not use iron properly, that is, the nutrients will “fight” with each other to be absorbed by the body. So, here’s a list of foods and nutrients you should avoid for you to cure anemia :

  • Proteins: Some proteins in eggs, milk and cheese (called casein-phosphopeptides) impair iron absorption.
  • Calcium: Calcium, for example, is able to inhibit the absorption of iron in a meal. So the consumption of milk and dairy products can contribute to a worsening of iron deficiency.
  • Grains:  Some grains are rich in phytic acid, which reduces the absorption of iron from food. The indication is to soak the beans, as phytic acid is water soluble, so it is recommended to soak the beans , for example.
  • Chocolate:  For the same reason as teas, chocolate reduces the absorption of iron, as cocoa is rich in isoflavones.
  • Teas:  Polyphenols such as tannins, catechins and isoflavones can compromise iron absorption. In general, herbal teas reduce this absorption, but the real champion is black tea.
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This is not to say that these foods should not be consumed, only care should be taken not to consume them together with foods rich in iron , so as not to compromise their absorption.

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