4 Essential Steps to Help Eliminate Stretch Marks!

The 4 Essential Steps to Help Eliminate Stretch Marks . Also, learn now the  Essential Steps to Help Eliminate Stretch Marks. Almost every woman has stretch marks on her skin at some point in her life, and each scar represents a different story.

Women usually acquire them during the happiest period of their life – pregnancy. However, my encounter with stretch marks was in my early teens. My sudden weight loss after following a hectic diet plan became less satisfying. When I noticed discolored strips all over the lower abdomen.

Stretch marks appear due to excess tissue from the tissues under the skin. As a result of dramatic weight gain or loss during pregnancy and puberty. The sudden increase in cortisone in our system due to an adrenal gland disorder. Or the excessive use of corticosteroids can also contribute to the appearance of these stretch marks.

These silvery lines can usually be seen on the abdomen. Inner arms or upper breasts, flank, buttocks, upper side thighs and hips. These streaks of parallel lines on our skin are usually painless and not dangerous. But stretch marks can affect our self-esteem and confidence on a greater level.

There are many expensive medical procedures and therapies to prevent stretch marks. But these lingering marks. They can also be safely, easily and completely faded naturally in your home by following these  Essential Steps To Help Eliminate Stretch Marks :

Steps to help eliminate stretch marks:

1. Exfoliation:

Salt and cinnamon are two natural skin exfoliating agents. Salt improves cellular metabolism and keeps tissues hydrated. While cinnamon removes dead skin cells, its use on the skin also increases the collagen level, which gives the skin elasticity and heals stretch marks.

These two ingredients can be mixed and used in powder form. Regular massage of this mixture with an olive oil into the skin can improve blood circulation and help eliminate stretch marks .

2. Polish the skin:

We usually use pumice stones, sponges and brushes to scrub the skin. But there is a famous Indian herb vetiver root – which is easily available and acts as an excellent natural body scrub.

A special feature of the root is that it regenerates skin tissues. Therefore, it works to heal old wounds and form new tissue over it. Additionally, the soaked root can be rubbed into the skin in a circular motion to speed up the disappearance of scars, dark spots and stretch marks.

3. Hydration:

Pure aloe vera gel extracted from a natural aloe vera plant can work wonders on our skin. It can moisturize rough, itchy skin from stretch marks, as well as helping to regenerate skin tissues, thanks to the high amounts of plant collagen in aloe vera. What Will  Help You Eliminate Stretch Marks .

4. Oil massage:

Using massage oil every night is very relaxing and healthy. It helps in healing the skin, removing toxins and increasing blood circulation. To remove stretch marks or scars, organic castor oil is very beneficial as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids and contains vitamin E as well.

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A mixture of 75% organic castor oil and 25% vitamin E oil is recommended. As the best natural remedy for scars as it improves skin texture, skin elasticity and stimulates collagen production. Next time you see those light colored stripes on your body, don’t worry. Just follow these easy steps regularly and notice a gradual change in skin texture and appearance.

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