The 4 Basic Tips on How to Make Your Juices Full of Health

The Basic Tips on How to Make Your Juices Full of Health  that everyone should know. In addition, from the time of purchase to the glass, leave the juices full of health with basic tips. Washing food well before eating is the golden rule of the kitchen. However, what many people do not know is that it is not enough to give the item a quick soak to ensure health protection. A few simple instructions will make sure that your juice is really full of nutrients ideal to strengthen the body against diseases. So, check out  The 4 Basic Tips on How to Make Your Juices Full of Health!

Tudo Bem Clean: Keeping  everything clean is one of the  basic tips on how to make your juices full of health. Also, before preparing the juices, wash the ingredients well under running water, regardless of what the package says (organic, sanitized, hydroponic, etc.).

Fruits eaten with skin, such as Apple , Pear and Guava , should be rubbed with a special sponge to eliminate pesticides, as well as vegetables with skin. Run through the running water to the fruits that are usually peeled, such as Banana , Watermelon , Orange , Pineapple , Mango , to remove traces of soil or dirt acquired in transport.

Disinfect Time:  This is one of the top basic tips on how to make your juices full of health. Also, to ensure a more thorough cleaning, the next step is to soak the ingredients in a disinfectant solution, here are some options:

Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to 1 liter of water. The homemade mixture helps to release live larvae, but without killing them. After 30 minutes of soaking, the ingredients must be washed under running water again. Follow the proportion of 1 tablespoon (soup) of bleach to 1 liter of water. The elimination of bacteria and larvae occurs in 15 minutes of soaking, those who are not a fan of the smell of the product can remove it by placing food in the vinegar solution indicated above.

Available in supermarkets, hydrosteril is a product suitable for cleaning. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Preparation mode: 

  • Always use filtered water, even to make ice cubes.
  • Follow all instructions to the letter, respecting the dosage and directions in the recipes.
  • Sweeten only when indicated and replace refined sugar with honey or brown sugar, as they are natural. The care when sweetening is redoubled for diabetics, who must use sweeteners.
  • For juices not to lose their healthy character, try not to add caloric ingredients, such as condensed milk.

More Nutritious:  If you want to add vegetables, prefer to chop them with your hands to avoid the loss of nutrients. When they are cut with a knife, contact with the metal oxidizes and depletes nutrients. Frozen fruits can be used in the preparation. If you want to add flaxseed, beat the seeds dry in the blender, just before using after following all these preparation precautions, the most important thing is to drink the juice right away!

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