The 3 Sweeteners That Are Good for Your Health

The 3 Sweeteners That Are Good For Health Naturally. In addition, the combination of growing problems in relation to the weight  of young people and adults, and their compulsion for food, has led the world, in recent decades, to a veritable tsunami of artificial sweeteners that have flooded the market.

They now have a variety of light and low- calorie foods , and they appear everywhere from formulas to chewing gum for children.

However, new research reveals that far from helping to shed those unwanted pounds, these artificial sweeteners can actually lead to weight gain , especially unwanted fat gain . So, check out  The 3 Sweeteners that are Good for Health.

Fructose is good for health:  Extracted from fruits and honey , it has a high sweetening power. It does not cause sudden changes in blood glucose , but diabetic people should consume in moderation. It has 4kcal per gram.

Stevioside  Is Good For Health:  It is extracted from the Stevia rebaudiana plant. It can be used in teas and dessert preparations. It is natural and its consumption is not related to health problems. Contains no calories, no contradictions.

Sucralose is Good for Health:  It is a modified sucrose molecule (common sugar), extracted from sugar cane and, therefore, does not leave a residual taste. “It does not cause caries and is not metabolized by the body, so it is completely eliminated in 24 hours through the urine”, explains nutritionist Hugo Comparotto. This type of sweetener can be used in both hot preparations and drinks. It does not contain calories, nor contraindications.

Be alert!

Aspartame: A controversial sweetener that has several side effects, such as headaches and mood swings.

Saccharin: it is derived from petroleum and should be avoided by hypertensive patients and people who easily retain liquids.

Cyclamate: also comes from petroleum and should not be consumed by hypertensive patients.

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