The 3 Steps To Remove Stretch Marks Forever!

The 3 Steps to Remove Stretch Marks Forever are very simple and easy to do, and can even be done at home. In addition, the scars that form when there is destruction of elastic and collagen fibers in the skin, normally caused by a stretching of the skin, are known as stretch  marks .Lines are formed because of the thinning of the dermis and epidermis. They can itch and sting, but they usually don’t have any symptoms when they first appear.

Stretch marks are nothing more than a rapid and exaggerated distension of the skin that causes these lesions. This increase can occur because of pregnancy, weight gain, breast implant placement, use of anabolic steroids, or hormonal factors such as the use of estrogen and adrenocortical hormones.

Prolonged use of corticosteroid treatments can also trigger stretch marks on the body. Genetic factors may also be involved. See Also: How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Forever…

The Types of Stretch Marks: Stretch  marks can be of two types varying in color with time:recent stretch marks and old stretch marks . When they are recent, they are pinkish or purplish, while the oldest ones are whitish.

Pink or purplish streaks are recent, may present a slight itching and are accompanied by a local inflammatory process; whereas the white ones, as they are older, have already had a more intense atrophy of collagen and elastic fibers, and there is no inflammation involved. In people with dark or black skin, stretch marks can appear with a darker color than their skin tone.

Stretch marks can arise for several reasons, including:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Rapid growth;
  • Dryness of the skin;
  • Hormonal storm;
  • Concertina effect;
  • Excessive exercise.

And then, when the dreaded scratches appear on the skin, despair is imminent and the big question is: And now, how to get rid of them? So, check out  3 Simple Tips to Remove Stretch Marks Forever

Rosehip Oil Against Stretch Marks: Rosehip  oil is another homemade tip to treat stretch marks. The liquid has great regenerating potential and helps in skin recovery.

Homemade Peeling For Stretch Marks:  Natural peeling works as a home treatment for stretch marks and is simple to do. The dermatologists’ recipe, which should be used once a week, takes just two ingredients: olive oil and crystal sugar. Just mix and apply to the skin with circular and vigorous movements.

Use of Moisturizing Creams Daily: Daily  hydration helps to increase skin elasticity; making it more resistant and flexible, which, consequently, prevents the appearance of stretch marks.


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