The 3 Homemade Massages to Reduce Waist Measurements

Home Massages To Reduce Waist Measurements  are done in a simple and natural way. In addition, homemade massages  to reduce waist measurements are necessary to do some procedures and also a little time. It sounds great and, not by chance, the  homemade massage procedure to reduce waist measurements generates interest and some common doubts, such as “what is the difference between this type of massage and conventional massage , is it even possible to achieve it with the help of a  massage to reduce waist measurements,  among others. Then check out below The 3 Homemade Massage To Reduce Waist Measurements.

Modeling Self-Massage To Reduce Waist Measurements: You can improve the appearance of cellulite, fight swelling and reduce measurements with  massages to reduce waist measurements. 

  • Make circular massages on the belly with the palm of your hands , clockwise, alternating them. It is important that the direction is clockwise, otherwise it can cause constipation .
  • Repeat the circular movements with overlapping hands.
  • With the palm of your hands , make movements from the outside to the inside and from top to bottom, pressing the belly .
  • The movements should be towards the groin , rubbing the fingers.
  • Massage the side of the abdomen using both hands, alternating them.
  • Make movements from top to bottom, always pressing towards the belly .
  • Repeat the procedure on the other side.
  • Pinch the waist fat with one hand, from back to front and from top to bottom.
  • Repeat the movements for a few seconds and do the same on the side.

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