The 20 Best Detox Foods to Include in Your Diet

The 20 Best Detox Foods To Include In Your Diet The Best Detox Foods To Lose Weight! In addition, bet on ingredients that facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body and lose weight without suffering. It’s not difficult to hear people talking about the famous detox effect. But, after all, do you know what that term means? Detox comes from detoxification and the purpose of this diet is to rid the body of accumulated toxins and promote a general cleaning, activating metabolism and improving the functioning of the body as a whole.

As Detox Foods helps to accelerate metabolism, there is an increase in caloric expenditure, thus, the body responds faster to the diet and weight loss occurs as a consequence of the organic cleaning process. Below, you discover some food options to invest without fear. So, check out now The 20 Best Detox Foods To Include In Your Diet:AVOCADO:  Contains a nutrient called niacin, popularly known as vitamin B3, which facilitates the transformation of ingested food into energy.

PINEAPPLE:  You know that heavy stomach feeling? On these days fruit is the best option. That’s because pineapple has an enzyme capable of breaking down food proteins, bromelain. It still has a large amount of soluble fibers , other allies of the digestive process and, consequently, the good functioning of the intestine.

Watercress:  Rich in antioxidant agents, it helps to eliminate toxins from the body and, consequently, eliminate swelling.

COCONUT WATER:  Natural isotonic it hydrates the body and has few calories. It is diuretic, as it contains a good amount of potassium .

LETTUCE:  Rich in water, fiber , vitamins and minerals, it still has a substance called lactucin, which fights anxiety and potassium , a natural diuretic, which helps in the detoxification of the body, eliminating swelling.

GARLIC:  Contains allicin, quercetin and kaempferol, three potent antioxidants. Adding food on a daily basis makes the body eliminate toxins and impurities. This substance also works against free radicals, promoting the beauty of hair and skin and fighting aging.

OLIVE OIL:  The good fats present in the oil help to define the abdomen. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which eliminates toxins from the body and facilitates the activation of metabolism.

EGGPLANT:  With few calories, it helps in weight loss thanks to fibers that also act in digestion. Another ally of the diet is its diuretic action, as it is largely composed of water, which helps to deflate and fight fluid retention.

BEET:  Natural laxative, it is a powerful ally when it comes to eliminating unwanted pounds. This is due to the presence of pectin, a fiber that makes the intestine work regularly. And bowel functioning well is synonymous with flat stomach.

BROCCOLI:  It has a large amount of substance with antioxidant power which helps to eliminate impurities from the body. The vegetable also wards off cardiovascular diseases. The nutritional loss of food is smaller when cooked for a shorter time and in little water.

CARROT:  It also acts as an antioxidant, cleaning the body. In addition to being a source of beta-carotene, a precursor substance of vitamin A, an important ally of beauty.

GREEN TEA:  It has enzymes that stimulate the burning of fat, especially the abdominal. Rich in caffeine, it has thermogenic action, which accelerates metabolism and eliminates love handles.

Cabbage:  Rich in fiber  , the leaves are great for eliminating toxins from the body. “Cabbage is a source of a phytochemical called glucosinolate, which stimulates the body to cleanse, eliminating substances that can cause diseases and toxins that remain in the fat cells”, explains nutritionist Heloisa Teves Scattini.

GINGER:  It regulates the pH of the stomach and the production of digestive enzymes. In addition to stimulating the peristatic movements of the gastrointestinal system, allowing essential nutrients to be absorbed and eliminating toxins that cause bloating and constipation.

ORANGE:  The ideal is to consume it with bagasse, since it is in it that there is a greater concentration of fibers  that help the proper functioning of the intestine, eliminating impurities

Flaxseed:  The functioning of the intestine is benefited by the consumption of this seed. The insoluble fiber content  helps in the formation of fecal cake, reducing intestinal constipation and, consequently, the tummy.

WATERMELON:  Very rich in water, it has a diuretic action, which cleanses the body and provides a feeling of anxiety. With few calories, it is an ally of the diet.

CUCUMBER:  Light and richly composed of water, the vegetable will also help to control hunger after hours, as the fibers  present in it make the feeling of satiety last longer.

CABBAGE:  Full of nutrients like protein, iron , potassium  and fiber . But the difference lies in sulforaphone, a substance that binds to an enzyme produced by the liver, carrying toxins out of the body.

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SUNFLOWER SEEDS:  They stimulate the proper functioning of the intestine thanks to the presence of fibers . This way the organ gets rid of toxins, decreasing fluid retention and facilitating the weight loss process.

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