The 18 Health Benefits of Cat Whiskers!

The Benefits of Cat Whiskers for Health are diverse, as it has a large amount of essential nutrients for the general health of the body. In addition, cat whiskers  is also known as Java tea. It is popular in tropical regions of Australia and Southeast Asia.The long stamens of this plant favor the look that looks like a cat’s mustache . The fresh or dried leaves of the plant have a diuretic ability which is used to prepare herbal tea. Cat whiskers are used to cure  kidney and bladder problems due to diuretic action. It has an anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive property, which helps to eliminate the symptoms of rheumatism and gout. This helps to improve the flow of urine. So, check out  The 18 Health Benefits of Cat Whiskers.

Benefit of Cat Whiskers for Blood Pressure: Blood  pressure levels can be lowered with cat whiskers as it has the chemicals, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Benefit of Cat Whiskers for Kidney Disorders:  It is believed that kidney stones can be effectively eliminated using cat whiskers leaves . Cat whiskers help treat bladder infections, frequent urination, chronic kidney infections, urinary tract infections, and bladder stones.

Benefit of Cat Whiskers for Gums:  Cat whiskers can relieve pain caused due to swollen gums or various other reasons.

Benefit of Cat Whiskers For Bladder:  Cat whiskers help treat bladder infections and also prevent bladder problems. .

Benefit of Cat Whiskers for Diabetes:  Uses of cat whiskers by patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes can reduce blood sugar levels if used for a period of six months. Cat whiskers can regulate sugar glucose levels which helps prevent diabetes . But one should consult the doctor before consuming this herb.

Benefit of Cat Whiskers For Skin:  The oil extracted from cat whiskers is effective for treating skin infections. It can relieve dryness, skin infections and rough skin.

Cat Whiskers Possesses Antibacterial Property:  Cat whiskers have phenols and caffeic acid that eliminate the growth of bacteria. It can be applied to heal bruises, infections and cuts.

Cat Whiskers Possesses Antifungal Property:  Cat whiskers eliminate the growth of parasites and external hosts that live on the body. It can be applied to areas infected with the fungus.

Benefit of Cat Whiskers For Gout:  The enzyme, such as natural acids and flavonoids, which is contained in cat whiskers help relieve pain and also treat arthritis .

Benefit of Cat Whiskers for Respiratory Problems:  Asthma and cough is effectively treated with cat whiskers . It also fights against respiratory problems.

Benefit of Cat Whiskers For Weight Loss:  Cat whiskers also help to reduce weight. It can be found in the form of tea bags, pills and extracts.

Cat Whiskers is Rich in Antioxidants:  Cat whiskers have antioxidant properties that help stop the aging process caused by free radicals. It increases the life of the cells and also makes the cells strong for a long time.

Cat Whiskers Acts as a Detox:  Cat whiskers are consumed in Java Islands for their ability to purify the body. It flushes out toxins and waste. It helps to increase the flow of urine, which helps you lose water weight.

Cat Whiskers is an Excellent Antihypertensive:  Cat whiskers help to reduce blood pressure , cardiac output and increase urine flow. Potassium is present in large amounts which helps to treat hypertension and also reduces the effects of Sodium .

Cat Whiskers Promotes Well-Being:  Cat whiskers have phenols, flavonoids and antioxidants with Calcium and Potassium , which makes it a great drink.

Benefit of Cat Whiskers for Nervous Problems:  Cat whiskers treat nervous problems and short breathing, but it should be consumed in moderate quantity.

Cat Whiskers Has Diuretic Action:  The presence of tetramethoxy and sinensetin flavones helps to increase the flow of urine, relaxing muscles in the walls of internal vessels. A study conducted on rats shows that cat whiskers help reduce serum uric acid levels.

Cat Whiskers Has Anti-Inflammatory Effect:  The presence of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties helps relieve pain and swelling. The poultice made from the leaves of the plant helps relieve pain caused by tooth decay. Cat whiskers have antimicrobial properties that help relieve inflammation in the urinary tract. It also helps to flush out gallstones or kidney stones .

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