The 17 Foods to Fight Constipation

With Foods to Fight Constipation  and eliminate bloating, it can become easier to end this evil. Also, you probably know someone (especially a woman) who suffers from Constipation , right?When the intestine works slowly, the whole organism is harmed and, in addition, uncomfortable swellings arise. Next, find out which ingredients are ideas to ease the end of these problems! So, check out The 17 Foods to Fight Constipation:

Zucchini: those who suffer from bloating can bet on this vegetable, as it is rich in water and easy to digest.

Prune: with a laxative effect, this fruit is a great  food to combat constipation , in addition to being able to allow greater mobility of the intestinal wall, favoring the functioning of the organ.

Asparagus: although it is not widely consumed by Brazilians, it is indicated as a food to combat constipation and to fight bloating, as it has great diuretic power. In addition, this food is also high in fiber and contains few calories.

Oats:  Excellent  Food to Combat Constipation , which is a risk factor for intestinal cancer. According to the professional, 2 tablespoons of oat bran a day are enough to enjoy its benefits.

Banana: although it is not a striking feature of this fruit, it contains a lot of water, which favors its diuretic power. Also intestinal transit.

Onion: It has diuretic power, and is even recommended for patients with kidney problems, edema formation and hypertension .

Carrot: The combination of vitamins in this Food to Fight Constipation stimulates the metabolism, which usually slows down after a difficult digestion process: It also contains two minerals, silicon and potassium , which work together to eliminate excess fluid. in the organism.

Fig: the fruit is a food to combat constipation,  diuretic and laxative, which helps in intestinal transit and in the proper functioning of the body.

Ginger: the root concentrates substances that promote an improvement in blood circulation, preventing circulatory problems. In addition, it is a powerful ally in the digestion process.

Kiwi: this  Food to Combat Constipation is rich in minerals ( Calcium , Magnesium , Iron and Potassium ), the fruit increases the body’s defenses and helps fight swelling.

Apple: it has vitamins from the B complex, Vitamin C and Vitamin E , phosphoric acid and potassium , in addition to pectin, which regulates intestinal functioning.

Papaya: presents papain, an enzyme that is able to facilitate digestion and, when ingested on an empty stomach, is also effective against diabetes .

Mango: due to the high fiber content , this fruit increases satiety and promotes lower absorption of fats and sugars from the diet, in addition to being a powerful  food to fight constipation .

Cucumber: because it is composed of about 90% water, this vegetable is a great ally of hydration, in addition to contributing to digestion (because it is rich in fibers ).

Pear: due to the fibers found in its composition, this fruit guarantees satiety and favors the work of the intestine, being an excellent food to combat constipation .

Arugula: this vegetable is ideal for fighting bloating, as it has a diuretic capacity and has a considerable amount of fibers , which are important for digestion.

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Apple Cider Vinegar: because it has more than 30 nutrients, including a substance known as pectin, Apple Cider Vinegar fights the accumulation of fat in the body, in addition to acting in the digestive process and eliminating toxins.

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