The 15 Health Benefits of Jenipapo

The Health Benefits of Jenipapo  are varied. Well, Jenipapo  has a large amount of  nutrients  that are essential for the general health of the body. In addition, Jenipapo  is a fruit of the rubiaceae family and is also known as jenipapeiro, jenipa, jenipapo-da-america, jenipaba.

This fruit is native to the Americas and, in Brazil, grows from the Southeast to the North of the country. Jenipapo  is highly  recommended for combating disorders such as affection, tonsillitis, anemia , asthma , diarrhea , venereal disease, enteritis, pharyngitis , dropsy, syphilis, ulcer and vomiting.

Main Health Benefits of Jenipapo :

Nutritional value of Jenipapo:

  • water 67 ml
  • Carbohydrates 25.7 g
  • Fibers 9.4 g
  • Proteins 5.2 g
  • Lipids 0.3 g
  • Calories 113 kcal
  • Phosphorus 58 mg
  • Calcium 4 g
  • Iron  3.6 mg

So, check out now in detail  The 15 Benefits of Jenipapo For Health:

Benefits of Jenipapo in Fighting Anemia:  As a source of Iron , Jenipapo  can be considered an ally in the fight against anemia . Whether to prevent the disease or as an aid to treatment, we can say that Jenipapo  is effective for this problem.

Benefits of Jenipapo To Stimulate Appetite:  One of the main benefits of Jenipapo  is precisely in this sense, it offers a stimulus to the appetite. This can also be useful for people who need to follow a hypercaloric diet, accompanied by bodybuilding physical training .

Benefits of Jenipapo in the Control of Blood Platelets:  The juice made from the base of Jenipapo  is considered efficient in the control of blood platelets and can be recommended for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Benefits of Jenipapo To Increase Libido:  The couple who needs to stimulate or spice up their sex life can benefit from foods like  Jenipapo  that boost libido  and open up sexual appetite.

Benefits of Jenipapo for Pregnant Women:  Jenipapo  is  also beneficial for future mothers. It can help with the vomiting that some pregnant women suffer from. For cases like this, the recommendation is to prepare the Jenipapo juice.

Benefits of Jenipapo for Treating Bronchitis: Jenipapo is  also very useful for the lungs helping to fight bronchitis . This utility of Jenipapo is already well known in the North and Northeast, where a natural syrup of Jenipapo  is usually prepared .

Benefits of Jenipapo in the Functioning of the Digestive System: The amount of Iron  that we find in Jenipapo  not only has benefits for anemia , it also promotes the improvement and functioning of the digestive system .

Benefits of Jenipapo to Treat Diarrhea: Diarrhea causes  an increase in the number of bowel movements and changes the consistency of stools, which become more liquid. The Jenipapo  being rich in fibers , it promotes a quick improvement for this problem.

Benefits of Jenipapo in Combating Pharyngitis: The active ingredients contained in Jenipapo  can inhibit the symptoms of pharyngitis , eliminating the pain, irritation, and itching of the throat caused by this disease.

Benefits of Jenipapo To Treat Ulcers: In home medicine, Jenipapo  has several benefits. From its trunk, it is possible to make a tea indicated to treat ulcers .

Benefits of Jenipapo Against Elephantiasis: Filariasis , also known as elephantiasis, is a parasitic disease that causes an inflammatory reaction in the lymphatic vessels, dilating the affected leg. People with elephantiasis can also take advantage of the benefits of Jenipapo  to treat this disease.

Benefits of Jenipapo in Combating Intestinal Diseases: Another benefit of Jenipapo  for health is its help to patients suffering from chronic enteritis, an inflammation of the mucosa of the small intestine . For people diagnosed with this problem, the ideal is to consume a glass of jenipapo  juice sweetened with honey daily.

Benefits of Jenipapo To Strengthen Bones: Jenipapo is  rich in calcium  which is responsible for developing and maintaining the health of bones and teeth. The lack of this mineral can develop diseases such as rickets, osteoporosis, osteomalacia.

Benefit of Jenipapo To Cleanse the Organism: Calcium activates  several enzymes responsible for the digestion of fats and protein metabolism, as it contains a high content of this nutrient,  Jenipapo  cleanses the body, leaving it free of fat.

Benefit of Jenipapo To Regulate Nervous Impulses: Our organism is formed by millions of nerve endings that connect through impulses, the Calcium  of Jenipapo  is very important because it acts in the regulation and transmission of these nerve impulses.

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