The 15 Fruits to Boost Your Green Juice

The Fruits To Boost Your Green Juice 100% Naturally. In addition, Green Juices don’t need to have only green ingredients or be prepared without the same way. In order not to get sick and acquire, in fact, the habit of drinking Green Juice , vary the ingredients and reinvent the flavors. To do this, discover the properties of some foods and why to add them to the drink. So, check out now  The 15 Fruits To Boost Your Green Juice.

Cabbage: Known as the main ingredient of Green Juice . It has detoxifying action, is a source of chlorophyll and strengthens the immune system . It has no contraindications and can be consumed every day.

Cucumber: Assists in hydration and elimination of toxins from the body . “It is also a source of Vitamin A and C , which fight free radicals, thus delaying premature aging ”.

Apple:  Rich in Vitamin C , E , and B complex, in addition to the mineral Potassium . It delays skin aging , has antioxidant action and assists in intestinal functioning. 

Watermelon:  Source of lycopene , the fruit is great for heart health . “It also has high hydration power, since 92% of its composition is water”.

Carrots:  Contains Vitamin A , which assists the liver in flushing out toxins from the body. In addition, the fibers present in the food help to cleanse the colon and speed up the movement of waste.

“Ideally, green juice should not be sweetened. The fruits are enough to give a sweet taste”, says nutritionist Bruna Murta.

Ginger:  It has digestive, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and stimulates the immune system . “Its thermogenic action increases the body’s caloric expenditure, helping to lose weight “.

Pineapple:  Rich in Vitamin A , B1 and C , Magnesium , Copper , Manganese , Iron and fiber. It helps the immune system , the proper functioning of the intestine, digestion, reduces swelling and fights cellulite . Contraindicated only for allergic people.

Coconut Water:  Excellent source of Potassium , Calcium , and Vitamin C. “Therefore, it is considered a natural isotonic, ideal to replace the liquids and salts lost through sweat”. Diabetics or people with kidney problems should only consume it with medical advice.

Lemon:  Improves the functioning of the body and helps the liver to eliminate toxins. Contains Vitamin C , which has antioxidant action (slows down skin aging and strengthens the immune system ).

Pear:  Rich in fibers that act to improve the functioning of the intestine and help in the detox process. It is also a source of Vitamin Aand C.

Melon:  It has a high amount of water . “Therefore, it has a diuretic effect and is excellent for the hydration of the body and for the detoxification of the organism”.

Orange:  Source of flavonoids, which help the body in the elimination of toxins , and of Vitamin C , which has antioxidant action. In addition, its fibers contribute to the improvement of intestinal transit.

Spinach:  Great option to replace kale in Green Juice . Combating fluid retention prevents cataracts and helps control blood pressure and bone health. Contains Folic Acid , essential for the nervous system and for pregnant women to prevent birth defects in the fetus.

Avocado:   Because it has omega 9, it is excellent for heart health . It also acts in the prevention of some types of cancer, promotes satiety and is anti-inflammatory.

Strawberry:  Rich in Vitamin A and C folate, Iron , Phosphorus , Calcium and Potassium , it protects heart health and prevents the appearance of tumors. “Because it is a source of soluble fiber, it helps in reducing cholesterol ”.

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