The 15 Health Benefits of Lulo

The benefits of Lulo for Health are diverse, as it has a large amount of essential nutrients for the general health of the body. Also, when ripe, Lulo  looks a bit like Orange and when cut, you might think it’s a Tomato , due to its tiny white edible seeds, and when you eat it, it tastes like Pineapple or Lemon ! This exotic South American fruit belongs to the nightshade family and is known as Solanum quitoense or naranjilla. The fruit grows on a small thorny bush that grows up to 10 feet tall. Lulo ‘s skin is inedible. But the pulp with its citrus flavor – a kind of mixture of pineapple andLemon – is often used as a drink.

Green Lulo juice is used in various bakery products. It adds great flavor to ice cream, jam, pie, chocolates and other desserts. Its aroma and flavor may differ between varieties. Still its aroma, color and flavor are a good ingredient for juices and wines.

Lulo fruit is almost fat free and very low in calories. It has high amounts of Vitamin C , Vitamin A , Vitamin K , Vitamin B6 , Riboflavin and Thiamine . It provides an ample amount of vital minerals such as Iron , Phosphorus , Calcium . It contains other phytonutrients that offer antioxidant qualities. They have been found to contain the stomach enzyme – pepsin, which helps in the digestion of proteins.

Like most citrus fruits, Lulo offers strong antioxidant properties, protects our immune system and detoxifies the body. It is also helpful in relieving stress and offers various protective functions.

Lulo Possesses Antioxidant Properties:  The antioxidant capacity of foods is represented in terms of the ORAC Index (ORAC). Studies reveal that Lulo has a higher ORAC value than fruits like banana , melon , pineapple , kiwi , nectarine and watermelon . While it has similar values ​​to peach , navel orange, red grape fruit, pears and tangerine. Antioxidants help in reducing oxidative stress caused by free radicals by slowing down the aging process , as well as preventing many serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease andcancer .

The carotenoid content found in the whole Lulo fruit was similar to or higher than those found in vegetables with high total carotenoid content, such as red paprika, kale , and parsley . Carotenoids help maintain healthy eyesight and also help prevent age-related macular degeneration.

Lulo Possesses Immunity Boosting Properties:  Lulo is rich in vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A , which play a vital role in promoting your immune system. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals and protect cells from oxidative stress. It also protects the body against disease causing pathogens and stimulating the production of white blood cells. Eating foods rich in Vitamin C can help prevent common illnesses like colds and flu.

Benefits of Lulo for Digestive Health:  Lulo is a fruit rich in dietary fiber, especially with pepsin, which is very useful for the health of the digestive system. In addition to improving the health of the digestive tract, fiber also helps in promoting digestion and preventing various types of digestive disorders like bloating, constipation and even gastric ulcers.

Lulo Heart Benefits:  The presence of a wide variety of nutrients including dietary fiber in Lulo makes for a healthy heart. Fiber is beneficial in eliminating LDL or bad cholesterol from the bloodstream, thus reducing the chances of serious diseases like atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes . The nutrients in this fruit also play an important role in improving the health of the cardiovascular system, thus promoting its optimal functioning.

Lulo Diabetes Benefit:  It is important for diabetics to eat a well-balanced diet, which helps maintain their blood sugar levels. Lulo has been found to be highly beneficial for people suffering from diabetes , due to the high amount of dietary fiber found in this fruit. It helps in regulating the amount of glucose that is released into the blood stream.

Benefits of Lulo for the Eyes:  Lulo is extremely good for the eyes as it contains high amounts of Vitamin A and beta carotene which are associated with eye health . These nutrients have a strong antioxidant capacity, which helps to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals that cause oxidative stress to cells, including eye cells . This antioxidant property of Lulo is therefore beneficial in reducing your risks of developing eye disorders such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

Lulo Benefit for Bones:  Minerals such as Calcium , Phosphorus and Iron are important for maintaining strong and healthy bones. Lulo is a good source of these minerals and therefore its consumption helps to improve bone density and prevent bone disorders such as osteoporosis.

Beneficio do Lulo Para a Circulação Sanguínea: O consumo de Lulo ajuda a melhorar a sua circulação sanguínea porque contém níveis elevados de mineral de Ferro, o que aumenta o número de células vermelhas do sangue. A melhoria da circulação sanguínea garante o aumento da oferta de oxigênio para todas as células, tecidos e órgãos vitais do seu corpo. Comer alimentos ricos em Ferro, como Lulo, ajuda na prevenção de anemia ferropriva e também promove a regeneração celular e cicatrização.

Lulo  Cancer Benefits:  The high amounts of antioxidants in Lulo fight free radicals that can cause healthy cells to mutate into cancer cells. Studies are being conducted all over the world to find out the exact antioxidants and how they work to give this fruit its powerful anti-cancer properties.

Benefits of Lulo for Stress:  Lulo has been found to cause hormonal changes in the body, which helps reduce stress and improve your mood. It is also helpful in promoting sleep and thus is a good remedy for those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Lulo Possesses Body Detoxifying Property:  Lulo has diuretic properties, which means that it increases urine production and therefore increases the frequency of urination. This helps in cleansing your body by getting rid of excess toxins, water, salts and even fat from the body.

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