The 13 Health Benefits of Magnesium!

Magnesium is extremely important for your health because it is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Magnesium is the fourth most prevalent mineral in the body and is partially responsible for numerous good aspects of good health.

About 50% of our body’s total magnesium is stored in bones, while the remaining part of magnesium is predominantly found in the cells of body tissues and organs. Only 1% of Magnesium is available in the blood, although the human body is very good at regulating a constant level of magnesium in the blood.

Foods Rich in Magnesium: Foods Rich in Magnesium include legumes, leafy vegetables such as spinach and whole grains which are normally the main components of a person’s normal diet. Some other vegetables that can be classified as Magnesium Rich Foods include Tomatoes , Beets , Fava beans , Beans , Artichokes , Sweet Potatoes , Wheat Flour, Pumpkin Seeds , Peanuts , Wheat Flour , Oat Bran, Barley , Corn Flour and chocolate.

Also, you can consume dairy products like milk and yogurts as well as non-vegetarian products like fish to acquire magnesium . Whole wheat bread containing bran and germ has twice the magnesium content of white bread. Water also has a high content of Magnesium ; Hard water has more magnesium than soft water, although hard water is not good for the body, especially the kidneys.

Benefits of Magnesium in Preventing Asthma: Patients suffering from chronic asthma may be able to normalize their breathing with the help of magnesium supplements , which helps to relax the bronchial muscles and regulate breathing. Shortness of breath can be relieved by administering magnesium intravenously.

Benefits of Magnesium to Keep Bones Healthy: Magnesiumis directly related to bone density and, subsequently, an inadequacy of this mineral in the body can be a cause of osteoporosis.

Magnesium helps in regulating calcium levels in the body, along with vitamin D, copper and zinc . Magnesium , along with calcium and Vitamin D , should be taken throughout the developmental years and into adulthood as it eliminates the chances of developing osteoporosis as you get older.

Benefits of Magnesium During Pregnancy: Magnesiumis one of the vital elements to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Adequate intake of magnesium supplements during pregnancy is extremely beneficial for reducing the risk of osteoporosis and increasing the level of pain tolerance, thus resulting in a smooth delivery process and an optimization of blood pressure. Magnesium sulfateis the best treatment for preventing eclampsia in pregnant women, who may have high blood pressure.

Benefits of Magnesium for Treating Back Pain and Cramps:  Magnesiumhelps treat people with severe back pain by relaxing back muscles, kidney stress and muscle tension. As mentioned earlier, Magnesium also helps in the body’s absorption of Calcium , which can lead to faster healing of bones. Symptoms of leg cramps, as well as general fatigue, are traditional symptoms of magnesium deficiency . Therefore, adequate intake of magnesium supplements acts as a cure for chronic leg cramps and problems.

Benefits of Magnesium in Preventing Heart Attack:  Magnesium deficiency can result in heart disease, often leading to fatal outcomes. Magnesium deficiency brings a long list of risks to your heart. Magnesium protects  the heart from irregular heartbeats and tenderly protects the heart from damage, in particular from muscle stress.

Magnesium actually calms the nerves and mediates the digestive processes and prevents problems like vomiting, cramping, indigestion, abdominal pain, flatulence and constipation, all of which can put undue strain on various parts of your cardiovascular system.

Benefits of Magnesium in Preventing Constipation: Magnesiumprovides quick relief from constipation. A high dose of water-soluble magnesium supplements is known to bring relief to even the most severe constipated condition.

This laxative property of magnesium relaxes the intestinal muscles, thus helping to establish a smoother rhythm during passage through the intestines. Magnesium also has another property of water, which in turn softens the stool and helps it pass easily.

Benefits of Magnesium in Preventing Diabetes and Regulating Sugar Levels: The health benefits of magnesium extend to diabetic patients as well, as it also helps regulate the insulin reaction on blood sugar levels. Magnesium supplementsare vital for all diabetic patients as many of them suffer from magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium also assists in regulating blood sugar status, thus promoting normal blood pressure. High blood pressure is one of the main reasons for an impending heart attack. It has been found that many people with high blood pressure also have a magnesium deficiency. Therefore, extra nutrients and mineral supplements with magnesium content are vital to avoid any medical complications.

Benefits of Magnesium for Psychiatric Disorders: Magnesiumis known to cure some of the worst forms of psychiatric disorders such as panic attacks, stress, anxiety and excessive agitation.

Benefits of Magnesium For Migraines: Migraine attacks severely affect many Americans, especially females. Magnesium and fluid supplements greatly reduce the severity of such attacks and can also help in reducing the rate of recurrence.

Benefits of Magnesium in Collagen Production: Magnesium isimportant for the production of proteins that are slowly transformed into collagen. Collagen are naturally occurring proteins found primarily in fibrous tissues such as tendons, ligaments and skin. It is also present in the cornea, bones, intestine, cartilage, blood vessels and intervertebral discs. The more collagen in the system, the stronger these areas of the body will become.

Benefits of Magnesium Absorbs Minerals: Magnesiumhelps to absorb vitamins and minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. The absorption of minerals usually takes place within the small intestine and this benefit of magnesium ensures the detoxification of many harmful toxins in our body.

Magnesium Activates Enzymes: Magnesium also helps increase energy production in the body and promotes the activation of enzymes to create cellular energy.

Benefits of Magnesium in Controlling Bladder Functions: Many people who have problems and suffer from the frequent need to urinate can find relief by taking magnesium supplements . Urination problems can come from a variety of reasons, such as nephritis, infections, or interstitial cystitis. However, regular magnesium intake can bring great relief from these ailments.

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