The 12 health benefits of pandan leaves!

Pandan leaves provide essential nutrients for   overall health Also, Pandan Leaves are some plants that mainly grow in South Asia and usually go wild in your garden. In some country, like Indonesia, pandan is a key ingredient in making traditional food. It is fragrant, smells good and increases the appetite.

The benefits of Pandan Leaves are very potent for some treatments. Based on many studies and observations,  pandan leaves have many health benefits. It can be a natural and safe traditional cure. It is also recommended some doctors to assist in increasing health. So, here  are the 12 Health Benefits of Pandan Leaves:

1. Lowers blood pressure:

Pandan leaves have many benefits for high blood pressure. Dizziness and tiredness are common symptoms of high blood pressure and can lead to a stroke. To avoid this effect, people with high blood pressure should keep some foods that boost blood pressure in their diet .

You can boil two cups of water with 10 grams of Pandan Leaves . Wait until the remaining water is half of the first amount. Then you can drink half of the potion in the morning and the rest at night regularly to normalize your blood pressure.

2. Eliminate Dandruff:

Who doesn’t hate dandruff. This can cause our heads to itch, scalp flaking, and even hair loss. If you find that your shampoo is not effective in getting rid of dandruff, you can try this method.

Crush ten Pandan Leaves until smooth, then mix with approximately 100 ml of water. Then apply the mixture all over the scalp. Let it sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing it off with water or shampoo. Do this regularly.

3. Hair:

Do you want your black hair to darken? You can use Pandan Leaves at home for this treatment. Cut about 7 pieces of Pandan Leaves and boil with water. Let the water condense overnight.

4. Nerves:

Due to reduced nerve stimulation, people may experience frequent cramps. This indicates that the nerves are weakened. Pandan Leaves can support weak nerves as an herbal cure.

Cut 3 pieces of Pandan Leaves and boil with three cups of water. Wait until only 2 cups remain. Allow to cool before drinking in the morning and afternoon.

5. Treat rheumatism:

Arthritis really not only affects the elderly but also the young. If it’s too high, diving into water, or experiencing colds frequently, you may have arthritis.

Hurt 3 pieces of Leaves of Pandan . Then mix it with heated coconut oil. After it cools down, you can use it on the part affected by rheumatism.

6. Boosts Appetite:

Pandan leaves can also help you if you have a tendency to lose your appetite. Boil 10 grams of pandan leaves in 3 glasses of water. Wait until the water evaporates and only one glass remains. Divide into 2 portions to be drunk in the morning and in the evening.

7. End the pain:

The benefits of Pandan leaves are also very potent for pain relief. Pandan leaves contain laxative properties that can act as pain relievers for headache, ear pain, chest pain, and arthritis.

8. Reduce colic:

If you experience cramping, you can use Pandan Leaves as a traditional cure to reduce cramps. Pandan leaves can also help with gastrointestinal cramps, especially stomach cramps. You can make tea from tea and drink it to reduce cramps.

9. Prevent cancer:

Other amazing benefits of Pandan leaves are anti-cancer properties. It can counteract the effect of toxins and inhibit the development of cancer cells. It is said that pandan leaf tea can also cure some cancers .

10. End Anxiety:

Drinking 2 or 3 cups of pandan tea a day will help with anxiety and stress relief .

11. Gum pain:

Even if you brush your teeth every day, you may have gum pain or any oral discomfort. Try chewing fresh or dried pandan leaves. It is one of the great ways to eliminate this problem.

12. Mosquito repellent:

Many diseases caused by mosquitoes grow annually. Especially in a rainy season. Exfoliate your skin by extracting Pandan Leaves for better protection against these harmful mosquitoes.

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