The 10 Symptoms of Vitamin B1 Deficiency

Vitamin B1 or thiamine deficiency (known as beriberi) is more common among people who consume only white rice or highly refined carbohydrates or among alcoholics.

Vitamin B1 , also known as thiamine , is an essential element that helps give the body the energy it needs by providing elements necessary for the processing of carbohydrates. It also helps to maintain the operations of the central nervous system. So, check out what are the symptoms of vitamin B1 deficiency .

1. Weight Loss: The individual may lose weight as a general aspect of malnutrition, but it is often accompanied by vitamin B1 deficiency .

2. Weakness: Vitamin B1 deficiency does not properly process fuel for the body ie carbohydrates.

3. Emotional Disorders: Some types of vitamin B1 deficiency include night terrors, panic attacks, and other emotional responses to chemical change in the body.

Other symptoms of Vitamin B1 deficiency include:

  • Lack of appetite, Vomiting, Abdominal pain and Indigestion.
  • Nocturnal cramp in legs and feet.
  • Tingling / Numbness: hands or feet.
  • Decreased sensation in the feet or ankles.
  • Drowsiness / Lightheadedness.
  • Increased sensitivity to pain.
  • nervousness.

Vitamin B1 deficiency, known as beriberi, is a disease that has emerged in the states of Maranhão and Tocantins. However, a severe vitamin B1 deficiency rarely occurs in the world, except among alcoholics, who eat little or no food for prolonged periods.

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