Top 5 Symptoms of Osteopenia!

The Main Symptoms of Osteopenia  that everyone should be aware of. Furthermore, Osteopenia  is  a  health problem caused by decreased  bone density , which causes weakness and increases the risk of fractures. There are other diseases that affect the  bones  that have similar names, such as the already known  osteoporosis .

However,  Osteopenia  is regarded as a warning for  osteoporosis . It’s like the middle stage between a healthy person and someone suffering from  osteoporosis . That is why it is so important to know how to identify what facilitates the appearance of  Osteopenia  and how to prevent it from affecting your health early. So, check out  The Top 5 Symptoms of Osteopenia:

Symptoms of Osteopenia: Osteopenia   is usually an asymptomatic condition. Relevant symptoms only begin to appear when the  bones  are seriously compromised, at this stage the patient has already been affected by  osteoporosis .

The most common symptoms are compression fractures of the vertebrae, causing bone pain and tenderness, reduced stature and increased dorsal kyphosis. In some cases, fractures of the femoral neck, wrist and ribs can also occur. And the pain is directly associated with the place where the bone wear or fracture occurred.

Causes of Osteopenia:  Age can be a deciding factor for  Osteopenia . That’s because, over the years, bone cells are absorbed faster than the body can produce. When this happens,  bones  lose minerals and their structure weakens over time, increasing the risk of fracture.

It is natural for people after their early thirties to start losing bone mass. The stronger your  bones are  at this stage, the longer it will take for them to weaken.

Another important issue is food. It is essential to consume foods rich in  calcium , such as dairy products, eggs, sardines, salmon and dark green foods such as kale and  broccoli .

Vitamin  D  is also important, as it is responsible for the absorption of minerals. However, it is very difficult to remove it from the diet, as the doses of  Vitamin D  found in food are very low.

Sunbathing is the best way to maintain  Vitamin D levels , but depending on your lifestyle, this can be difficult. Therefore, more and more people are turning to the use of  Vitamin D supplements . A sedentary lifestyle is another factor that influences the onset of  Osteopenia , in addition to smoking and excess alcohol.

How to Avoid Osteoporosis:  Treatment for  Osteopenia  should be started quickly to prevent the development of  osteoporosis , and it is important to change lifestyle habits such as regular physical activity and eating foods rich in  calcium .

Treatment for Osteopenia:  The problem reaches, mainly, the female audience. White-skinned, thin, short women are even more susceptible.

The objective of the treatment is to avoid the degradation of bone tissue that can lead to  osteoporosis  and can be carried out with the use of specific drugs that help increase  calcium absorption  and its deposition in the  bones , in addition to calcium  and  Vitamin D supplementation.  . But the main treatment is done through the adoption of a healthier lifestyle that cancels out the risk factors:

  • Healthy food rich in  calcium  and  Vitamin D ;
  • Practice of physical activities regularly, giving preference to those that can be performed with sun exposure to help with  calcium absorption ;
  • Physiotherapy to help strengthen the muscles, through less aggressive exercises that reduce the risk of bone fractures.

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