Top 10 Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome

The Main Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome are essential to detect and treat this disease as soon as possible. In addition, the  Main Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome  characterize it as a psychiatric condition similar to autism , which manifests itself since childhood and causes changes in the way of relating and communicating with others.

The intensity of the Main Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome  can vary, being more apparent in some people. However, in milder cases, it is possible not to notice the presence of the Main Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome for many years before the diagnosis is made.

Because the Top Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome are often difficult to differentiate from other behavior problems, it’s best to let a doctor or other health care professional evaluate your child’s symptoms.

It is not uncommon for a child to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) before the diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome is made later. A child with Asperger Syndrome may have these signs and symptoms. So, check out  Top 10 Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome:

Lack of Empathy:  This  Asperger Syndrome Top Symptoms  shows an apparent lack of empathy with others, they are not aware that other people also have feelings, wants and needs, it is as if they live in their own bubble.

Talk Like a “Little Teacher”:  In some cases, the child who exhibits these  Key Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome may  seem like a little sage with advanced verbal skills, but because of the autism spectrum , their conversation may only focus on one topic that she wants to talk all the time. Another aspect is the child’s way of speaking, which is very formal, more than normal for her age, so in some cases she prefers to talk to adults.

Unusual Body Language:  They may have an unusual posture or facial expressions, look a lot at another person or avoid eye contact altogether, this is one of the Main Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome .

Routine Needs:  Children who have the  Main Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome often need daily routines, otherwise everything gets confusing for them, shower at 8:30 am, breakfast at 9 am, lunch at 12 pm, dinner at 6 pm , go to bed at 9:30 pm…

They need to have a very structured life. Getting out of the rut to go shopping or just casually leaving the house can be chaos. It is necessary to announce this change of plans days in advance to avoid making them uncomfortable.

Sensory Sensitivity:  In some cases, the child who has the  Main Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome has greater sensory sensitivity, which can be easily stimulated by some sensations such as bright lights, loud noises or textures.

Difficulties Interpreting Social Signs:  Another of the Main Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome is social difficulty. Deciphering body language, waiting your turn to perform an activity or to have a conversation can be quite complicated.

It can be very difficult to do group work at school because the child does not wait his turn to participate and is not able to accept other points of view, nor is he able to carry on a conversation. As a result, children with Asperger Syndrome  may become isolated from other children.

They Don’t Understand the Subtleties of Speech:  Children with the  Main Symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome  may have difficulty understanding what is being conveyed by changing the tone of voice and may give literal meaning to words. They are incapable of understanding sarcasm, irony and double meaning, they can’t distinguish when they are being serious or joking, they believe that everything they are told is a lie.

One Activity Fixation:  It is common for a child with  Asperger’s Syndrome Main Symptoms  to focus on a few interests or just one, doing the same thing for hours and hours. The child seems obsessed with something, it can be a toy like cars, dolls, storybooks… He repeats and dedicates himself to the game for an exaggerated time.

Delays in Motor Development:  In some cases of Asperger Syndrome Key Symptoms , they may have poor motor skills or motor delays in basic skills such as writing or riding a bicycle .

Emotional Tantrums:  Many children with some of the Main Symptoms of Asperger Syndrome  cannot manage their own emotions properly, so when they are emotionally overwhelmed they throw tantrums. Parents realize that there is an inability to control emotions when the situation is out of control.

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