10 Anemia Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored

The 10 Symptoms of Anemia that Should Not Be Ignored, because you need to be attentive. In addition, they can be signs that something is wrong in our body. One of the main disorders that can be related to these symptoms is Anemia . Women should pay even more attention to them, as they are more predisposed to having this type of problem.

The intensity of Anemia  Symptoms depends on two factors: the time of onset of Anemia  and its severity. Chronic anemias  , which set in slowly and gradually, over several weeks or months and do not usually cause symptoms until they are in very advanced stages. So, check out  The 10 Anemia Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored:Pallor: The main symptom of Anemia  is the reduction of blood circulation that occurs in peripheral tissues (such as the skin), since the body starts to give priority to the noble organs of the body, diverting the flow of blood to them. As the skin receives less blood, it becomes paler.

Also, as there is a drop in the number of circulating red blood cells, the blood becomes more dilute, taking on a less vivid color. Therefore, in Anemia , the skin and mucous membranes begin to receive less blood, and the blood that arrives is diluted because there is a lack of red blood cells. In addition to pallor, the skin can also become colder.

In people with darker skin, this paleness of the skin is more difficult to notice. To identify Anemia , it is necessary to look at the color of the mouth and the conjunctiva of the eyes, which are paler in cases of Anemia .

Brittle Nails and Hair:  One of the main symptoms of Anemia is the deformation of the nail surface (which can be concave or flat) which can indicate that your body is not able to absorb the iron contained in the food you eat.

Loss of Touch: Another Symptoms of Anemia is the tingling of feet and hands, difficulties in walking and stiffness in the limbs, lower or upper, are indicative of both Anemia  and Vitamin B12 deficiency .

Hypotension: Hypotension is acommon Anemia Symptom  that arise due to blood loss. When the patient has a hemorrhage, he not only loses red blood cells, but also the volume of circulating blood, which leads to a drop in blood pressure.

Hypotension manifests clinically as extreme weakness, difficulty standing, dizziness, and feeling faint. Anemia  with hypotension is a medical emergency and blood transfusion is indicated as soon as possible.

Tongue and Mucous Burning:  It is a result of an inflammation of the entire tongue, called glossitis, derived from Anemia  – you will feel burning, discomfort, swallowing difficulties. It is possible that along with the oral mucosa you also feel discomfort in other mucous membranes such as anal, vaginal, ocular or that they appear whitish.

Darker Urine: Dark or reddish urine, kidney problems and even seizures are Anemia Symptoms  that need to be urgently considered, as they indicate profound Anemia  due to the destruction of red blood cells.

Shortness of breath: Shortness of breath is a Symptom of Anemia that usually occurs in severe cases of Anemia  or in patients who already have some degree of cardiac and/or pulmonary malfunction. As the amount of oxygen that reaches the cells is insufficient, the body’s response is to accelerate the respiratory rate, in an attempt to increase blood oxygenation.

Therefore, the patient with Anemia  may complain of shortness of breath and present a faster breathing.

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