Signs Your Liver Has a Problem!

Early symptoms that indicate your liver has a problem should be taken seriously and you should seek medical advice as soon as possible. Also, the function of the liver is to break down the nutrients in the food we eat and help with digestion , so it must be in perfect condition.

Signs your liver has a problem:

1. Changes in skin and nails:

A visible symptom that the liver has a problem  is a yellowish color in the skin, which is due to the release of various toxins . Likewise, you should pay attention to changes in the shape and color of your nails .

2. Abdominal changes: 

Dysfunction in this organ can cause pain in the lower abdomen and ribs.

3. Gases: 

This is because you don’t get enough digestive juices to break down your food.

4. Tiredness: 

Getting tired easily is a sign of a lack of energy , which indicates that your liver has a problem .

5. Changes in urine:

Liver dysfunction can occur with dark urine or with traces of blood. If you are consuming enough fluids and the color does not change, see a doctor.

6. Itchy skin:

An indicator of liver problems associated with the skin is itching .

7. Nausea: 

It also includes indigestion, reflux , and in some cases, vomiting .

8. Weight Loss: 

Sudden weight loss, without any reason, is a symptom that should be taken into account.

9. Liquid retention: 

Fluid retention in various parts of the body, especially in the feet, is a sign that your liver is in trouble. This condition can occur in the ankles, hands, feet and thighs.

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