6 Signs Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health!

These Signs That Nails Can Say About Your Health  are very important, as they can alert you to something you can quickly identify. If you want some tips on your overall health, look at your nails . Your  nails can say about your health  because they are a reflection that something is wrong in your body. Many things can happen to the nails that could signify systemic or skin problems.

Pay attention to anything in or around your nails that suddenly looks different. Anything that doesn’t look normal should be addressed. However, for a diagnosis, it is important to consult your doctor, who will take many factors into consideration in addition to nail symptoms. So, check out the 6 Signs that Nails Can Say About Your Health:

1. Stress:

Stress  is one of the Signs Nails Can Tell About Your Health . Nails are closely related to hair . Just as your hair can fall out after illness or a prolonged period of stress , your nails can also exhibit symptoms. More often than not, stress  will cause side-to-side lines to appear on your nails.

2. Melanoma:

Concern about nail color is one of the most common complaints of dermatologists. The discolorations usually appear in lines from the cuticle to the tip, and can be benign patches or cancerous melanomas . African Americans and Asians are more likely to experience normal pigmentation changes related to ethnicity.

You should consult a dermatologist if the skin under the nail plate, the hard part of the nail covering the fingertips, develops some brown discoloration. These Signs Nails Can Tell About Your Health  are always more worrisome if they affect a single finger rather than all. Brown lines running on the cuticle could be a sign of melanoma . Those that stop at or before the cuticle are most likely caused by moles.

3. Arthritis:

Small cysts that grow near or on the cuticles can be one of the Signs that Nails Can Tell You About Your Health , as if small cysts appear on the cuticles, it could be arthritis . These are benign and best addressed by a hand surgeon.

4. Psoriasis:

This common skin condition is usually characterized by red, scaly patches, but it can also affect fingernails and toenails.

If you have yellowish-red discoloration on your nail, often referred to as an “oil drop” or “salmon stain”, it must be one of the Signs Nails Can Tell About Your Health , then you should consult your dermatologist.

5. Kidney disease:

One of the Signs Your Nails Can Tell About Your Health  is kidney disease . Various nail changes may indicate the presence of acute or chronic kidney disease.

beau lines:

These side-to-side lines can be a symptom of acute kidney disease .

Unhas ridged:

Also called koilonychia, rough nails with ridges can exist in the presence of kidney disease. These nails are also often spoon-shaped and concave, and can point to iron-deficiency anemia .

White spots:

Similar to cases of psoriasis, distinct white patches and spots on the nails can indicate chronic kidney disease.

6. Darier disease:

Darier’s disease is a rare genetic disorder that appears mainly in adolescence. It appears on the fingernails and toenails as wide, white or reddish stripes that run from the cuticle to the tip. A V-shaped cut near the fingertip can also indicate one of the Signs Nails Can Tell About Your Health , as well as Darier disease.

Avoiding the underlying conditions that affect your nails is not always possible, but you can take care of your nails by staying hydrated and eating a well-balanced diet. Make sure you are getting enough vitamin B and zinc because these nutrients greatly strengthen your nails.

In many cases, nail changes may be normal and do not point to undiagnosed health changes. But, if you have any doubts, consulting your doctor is always better.

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Some nails may not look smooth or may have longitudinal strips or ridges. As long as everything you see is consistent throughout the nail spread, chances are you’re fine. If there’s anything out of the ordinary, it’s important to see a dermatologist as it can point out some of the Signs Nails Can Tell You About Your Health.

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