Sigmatism – What it is, Causes and Treatments

Sigmatism – What it is, Causes and Treatments that we cannot ignore. In addition, sigmatism is characterized by the incorrect pronunciation of phonemes, such as s, e, x, j, or z. It is associated with disorders in the phono-articulatory, dental or craniofacial organs, or even with continuous pacifier sucking, mouth breathing and dental prostheses. It results from the variable positioning of the tongue in the oral cavity, which causes speech distortion, either because the tongue projects in the anterior portion, between the teeth, or laterally.

Signs of Sigmatism:

Speech disorders can present in different forms. Speech disorder in adults is one of the symptoms of various speech disorders. Including:

Spasmodic dysphonia:

Identified by involuntary movements of the vocal cords during speech. The voice may sound hoarse, breathy, and strained.


Inability to express and understand language. People with aphasia may have trouble remembering words. They may also mispronounce words.


Weak vocal muscles. Weakened muscles can cause slow, unintelligible speech. There is not enough coordination between the larynx and the vocal cords for the vocalization of a fluent sound.

Vocal Disorders:

Any factor that alters the function or shape of the vocal cords can cause changes in sound and ease of speech.

Causes of Sigmatism:

What causes speech distortion are the various positions that the tongue assumes inside the mouth. Often, the main ones affected are mouth breathers, which is also another problem in the individual’s life. There are situations in which the use of pacifiers for a long time can also influence the problem.

Treatment of Sigmatism:

Oral rehabilitation work is extremely important. In addition, the Speech-Language Pathologist will act in the reeducation of the positioning of the tongue and the direction of air during the articulation of certain phonemes.

Specific work for the language will be carried out by the professionals , which consists of improving the mobility and tonicity of this organ. For the results to be positive, the elasticity of the brake will also undergo treatment. They are not left out, guidelines that are related to chewing, swallowing and resting posture of the face.

The Speech Therapy Center has professionals who work at home. This form of treatment aims to preserve the comfort of patients. For more information, contact us. It will be a pleasure to serve you.

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Sigmatism can be quite challenging. It is essential that family members and loved ones have patience. Family members should help with communication whenever possible. Home options may vary depending on the type of speech disorder.

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