Sicilian lemon – what is it for, benefits and how to lose weight?

The Sicilian lemon originates from Central Asia . The Greeks and Romans used it as an antidote for poisoning and the Arabs began using it in cooking, taking lemon to Sicily as a valuable ingredient.

Like orange , lemon was used by the British navy in the fight against scurvy. Later, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) was discovered as essential in the fight against this disease. A Sicilian lemon  contains 88% of the vitamin C indicated for daily consumption. It is also rich in vitamin A , vitamin B1 , vitamin B2 and vitamin B3 , iron , phosphorus , magnesium and potassium .

The Sicilian lemon  is less sour than the others. Produces a tastier, smoother juice. This lemon has a yellow skin, thicker and excellent to be used in cooking. It is also widely used for the production of oils and beauty products. In cooking, its use is very varied, from green juices, pasta sauces to brigadiers.

Health benefits of lemon:

1. Fights inflammation in the mouth or throat:

To eliminate sore throats and painful mouth sores, such as canker sores, for example, gargling lemon water several times a day is quite effective.

2. It gives energy and fights the bad mood:

Lemon essential oil  has energizing properties that can improve your mood and make you feel more refreshed. Just put a few drops in a bowl of water and leave it in your room. You will notice that you will feel less worn out.

3. Treats indigestion and stomach upset:

Who said Sicilian lemon  is bad for the stomach? Quite the opposite! If you feel that the meal did not go down well, just mix the juice of a lemon with a glass of warm water  , a pinch of salt and a pinch of black pepper and drink. It’s hit and miss!

4. Helps in weight loss:

The recipe is quite simple: drink a glass of room temperature water with Sicilian lemon  every morning on an empty stomach. The detox properties of the fruit will eliminate what your body does not need and will prepare you to enjoy your food better throughout the day.

5. Prevents Osteoporosis and Arthritis:

Regular consumption of juice helps the body to absorb calcium more effectively and is a great ally in preventing diseases that attack the bones, such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

6. Softens expression lines and wrinkles:

Rich in antioxidants, Sicilian lemon  is the best friend of those who want youthful skin. Ingesting it regularly helps to smooth the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

7. Assists in the recovery of respiratory problems:

The use of Sicilian lemon  is effective for asthma , cold or allergy treatments. Just cut a fresh lemon and leave slices around the room overnight. Improvements in breathing will already be noticeable the next morning.

8. Whitening nail stains:

To lighten nail polish and tobacco stains, soak your hand for 10 minutes in a mixture of lukewarm water and lemon juice . This simple gesture prevents brittle nails and the action of fungi.

9. Helps treat itchy scalp:

To treat itchy scalp or redness, mix the juice of this lemon  with water  and massage your head. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo. To solve dandruff problems it is not necessary to dilute the juice in water  before using.

10. Recovers the softness of elbows and knees:

Lemon helps  to smooth the skin on the knees and elbows, which are naturally more prone to roughness. Cut a lemon in half and rub it on the skin. Let it act for a few minutes and then wash the area with  plenty of water . It is important not to leave any traces of the product on the skin, as if exposed to the sun, it is susceptible to burns.

How to make lemon juice?

Making lemon juice  is much more than just squeezing a few units of the fruit! Even because the result of this mixture would probably result in something too sour to be tasted.

A self-respecting Sicilian lemon juice, that is, a real lemonade, has to contain just the right amount of acidity and also be very refreshing. To achieve this effect, follow the recipe below:


– Squeezed Sicilian lemons: 5 units;
– Water : 3 cups;
– Sweetener, sugar or ice: to taste.

Preparation mode:

  • Mix everything and serve!

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