The 10 Symptoms of Turmeric That Many Ignore!

The 10 Symptoms of shingles that many ignore are very important for the diagnosis and treatment of shingles . In addition, herpes zoster, popularly known as Cobreiro , is a viral infection caused by the same chickenpox virus, Varicella-zoster, which can remain in a latent or inactive state in the spinal column and be reactivated in people over 50 years of age. age, if there is a significant drop in immunity, during chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, debilitating diseases  or in periods of  intense stress .

In most cases,  Cobreiro  appears once and disappears after a few weeks. Anyone who has had chickenpox can develop an episode of shingles .

Causes of shingles:  When we are exposed to the Varicella-Zoster virus for the first time, which usually occurs during childhood, we develop chickenpox, which is a disease  characterized by red rashes all over the body and fever . After a week or two of symptoms, our immune system is able to control the skin infection , causing the  Cobreiro  to be cured.

The problem is that this cure for the symptoms is not necessarily a cure for the virus. During the initial phase of chickenpox, the virus invades the nerve endings in the skin  and migrates to some chains of ganglia located close to the spinal cord and brain , thus managing to remain “hidden” from the immune system for periods that can last decades. The patient, therefore, is cured of chickenpox, but remains infected with the Varicella-Zoster virus for the rest of his life.

In general, this is not a problem, as every time the virus tries to come out of its hiding place in the nerve ganglia, our immune system , which now has specific antibodies against the Varicella-Zoster virus, manages to stop it.

The patient keeps the virus at bay, not showing any symptoms, nor being able to transmit it to other people. So, if on the one hand we can’t get rid of the virus for good, on the other our immune system is competent enough to prevent the virus from attacking us again.

However, our battle against Varicella-Zoster depends on a strong immune system . The virus can lie in wait for decades, waiting for a wave of antibodies to multiply again. This means that a drop in our immunity is enough for the virus to be able to manifest itself again. The reactivation of Varicella-Zoster does not cause a new picture of chickenpox, but a different disease  , which is called Cobreiro .

Cobra Symptoms That Many Ignore:  The first symptom of Cobra , is usually a one -sided pain , burning, or tingling sensation. Both the pain and burning can be severe and usually occurs before any shingles rash appears . In most people, spots form on the skin , followed by very small blisters. When Cobreiro  blisters break, they form small ulcers and then dry up and form crusts, which break down in about two to three weeks. Rarely does the person have any scars.

  • The rash usually involves a narrow area of ​​the spine, around the front of the belly or chest area.
  • The rash can happen on the face, eyes , mouth and ears.

Other symptoms that Cobreiro can cause:

  •  abdominal pain
  • fever  and chills
  • General feeling of being unwell
  • genital ulcers
  • Headache
  • joint pain
  • Swelling  of the lymph nodes
shingles symptoms

Cobreiro may also experience muscle weakness, skin rash  and pain  involving different parts of the face if Cobreiro  affects a facial nerve. Symptoms can include:

  • Difficulty moving some of the facial muscles;
  • Eyelid drooping (ptosis);
  • Hearing loss;
  • Loss of eye movement ;
  • Problems feeling flavors;
  • Vision problems.

Treatment for Cobreiro:  Treatment for  Cobreiro  is based on antiviral medications, such as Acyclovir, which attacks the virus and progressively eliminates symptoms. It is necessary to avoid contact with the wounds of infected people. There is also an efficient vaccine for HZ, which is the same vaccine for chickenpox, but with a greater amount of the immunizing agent.

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