The 5 Sexually Transmitted Diseases!

Sexually Transmitted Diseases that many still don’t know about. Also, surely you have heard about sexually transmitted diseases  – STDs that are transmitted when there is sex without a condom with an infected person. The most popular sexually transmitted diseases are:

And many of these sexually transmitted diseases act in the bush, that is, they do not show symptoms, while others show signs such as: wounds , discharges , blisters or warts .
Then check out The 5 Sexually Transmitted Diseases below.

1# Sexually Transmitted Diseases HPV: HPV is a sexually transmitted disease caused by  thehuman papillomavirus ( HPV ). Currently, there are more than 100 types of sexually transmitted diseases , some of which can cause cancer , especially in the cervix and anus .

However, HPV infection is very common and does not always result in cancer . The gynecological cancer prevention exam , the Pap smear, can detect early changes in the cervix and should be done by all. Always use condoms and avoid sexually transmitted diseases .

2# Sexually Transmitted Diseases Herpes:  Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease  caused by a virus that, despite not having a cure, has treatment. Genital herpes is transmitted through sexual intercourse (oral, anal, or vaginal) without a condom with an infected person.

Herpes  is  a very contagious sexually transmitted  disease, the first orientation given to those who have herpes is greater attention to hygiene care: wash your hands well, avoid direct contact of blisters and wounds with other people and do not puncture the blisters. Always use condoms.

3# Sexually Transmitted Diseases Syphilis:  Syphilis  is an infectious sexually transmitted  disease caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum, which manifests itself in three stages.

The biggest symptoms of this sexually transmitted disease  occur in the first two phases, when the disease is most contagious. The third stage of this  sexually transmitted disease  may have no symptoms and therefore gives the false impression of curing the disease.

4# Sexually Transmitted Diseases Syphilis Chlamydia and Gonorrhea: Chlamydia and gonorrhea are infections caused by bacteria that can reach the male and female genitals. Chlamydia is very common among teenagers and young adults and can cause serious health problems.

Sexually transmitted diseases  like  gonorrhea can infect the penis, cervix , rectum (anal canal), throat and eyes . When left untreated, these diseases can cause infertility (difficulty having children), pain during sexual intercourse, pregnancy in the fallopian tubes  , among other health damages. Always use condoms.

5# Sexually Transmitted Diseases AIDS: AIDS is the most advanced stage of sexually transmitted diseases that attack the immune system. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, as it is also called, is caused by HPV .

As this virus attacks our body’s defense cells, the body is more vulnerable to various diseases, from a simple cold to more serious infections such as tuberculosis or cancer . Always seek medical advice to analyze  sexually transmitted diseases

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