Scrotal Mass – What is it, Causes and Treatments!

Scrotal Mass – What it is, Causes and Treatments that we should all know. Also, Scrotal Mass is an abnormal lump or lump inside the scrotum. The scrotum is a bag of skin that contains your testicles . A scrotal mass can be a swollen testicle , or it can contain fluid or other tissue. It is possible that your Scrotal Mass  could be cancerous, but there are a number of other reasons for a mass in your scrotum that are not cancerous or benign.

The potential causes of Scrotal Mass can be varied and involve both benign and malignant processes. A benign scrotal mass may be called a hematocele or spermatocele. A hematocele is an accumulation of blood in the scrotum. A spermatocele is a cyst-like mass within the scrotum and contains fluid and dead sperm cells. So, check out now  Scrotal Mass – What it is, Causes and Treatments:

Main Causes:  Many conditions can cause Scrotal Mass . Epididymitis, which is inflammation of the epididymis, can lead to a Scrotal Mass . Epididymitis is most often caused by asexually transmitted infection (STI), such as chlamydia. Chondroceles can also cause you to develop a Scrotal Mass .

A hydrocele occurs when one of the naturally occurring sacs that surround each testicle fills with fluid. These bags normally contain a small amount of liquid. If fluid collects, swelling may occur. Testicular cancer starts as abnormal cells in the testicles and can be a potential cause of a Scrotal Mass .

Other potential causes of a scrotal mass include:

  • A twist of the nerves that connect your penis to your testicles :
  • hernia :
  • Enlarged veins in the scrotum:
  • Inflammation of a testicle caused by a virus such as mumps :

Main Symptoms:  The symptoms you experience as a result of your Scrotal Mass will vary depending on its cause. In some cases, there are no symptoms other than a mass in the scrotum that can be felt with the fingers. You may also experience a dull ache, sudden pain, or a feeling of heaviness in your scrotum.

Other Symptoms You May Experience Include:

  • Pain that spreads to the groin, abdomen, or back:
  • hard or swollen testicles  :
  • A swollen, tender epididymis, which is a tube located behind your testicles  that stores and transports sperm:
  • A swollen scrotum :
  • Scrotal redness:
  • If the cause of your Scrotal Mass is an infection, you may have a fever and feel like you need to urinate more often. There may be blood or pus in your urine:

What Can Be Done To Treat Mass:  If your Scrotal Mass is the result of a bacterial infection, antibiotics will be part of your treatment. If your infection is the result of a virus, antibiotics will be of little help and the best treatment is rest and pain medication.

Depending on the size, your doctor may just leave the mass alone. If the scrotal mass  is not cancerous and does not cause severe pain or discomfort, treatment may not be necessary. If your mass causes discomfort, it can be removed. This can be done surgically or your Scrotal Mass  can be drained of fluid as is done for a hydrocele.

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If the scrotal mass  in your scrotum is caused by cancer, a cancer treatment specialist will evaluate you to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for treatment. Important factors in determining whether the cancer has spread beyond your testicles  are your age and your general health. The same factors are important in determining whether cancer treatment is right for you.

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