Homemade recipe to remove ingrown hairs!

Ingrown hairs are those hairs that grow under the skin after shaving ? creating pimples , redness and infections at the site. These ingrown hairs are unsightly and sometimes hurtful, luckily, there are simple and effective natural tips to prevent and treat ingrown hairs naturally. So stay tuned for the Health Tips and recipes below:

Surely, many women will identify with this, just shave yourself so instead of smooth and beautiful legs, the torment begins, the terrible ingrown hairs appear. Yeah, but don’t feel alone in this, as this is more common than you might think.

That’s why we’ve decided to show you some tips on how to say goodbye definitively, that is, get rid of those annoying and often painful spots with grandma’s famous recipe to eliminate ingrown hairs .

Today there are great exfoliators on the market , but if you’re a little tight on money, a tip is to appeal to this excellent homemade exfoliator , which mixes sugar and sweet almond oil , with vitamins that leave the skin looking healthy, smooth and cell-free. dead.

Homemade recipe to remove ingrown hairs:


– 1 cup of sugar .
– 1 ½ cups of sweet almond oil .

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Preparation method:

  1. Add the ingredients and rub on the body with circular movements before bathing;
  2. Then wash the body with warm water and dry well with a soft towel;
  3. Finally, rub in a moisturizing cream suitable for the skin type .

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