Safflower oil in capsules: what is it for? are there side effects?

Safflower  oil in capsules is widely used in meals because of its high nutritional value, it is extracted from the seeds of the safflower plant (Carthamus tinctorius), it stands out for helping to reduce appetite, as it provides a feeling of satiety for everyone your users.

In addition, this oil is an appetite suppressant rich in omega-6 and omega-9 , two essential polyunsaturated and unsaturated fatty acids for the body. These substances help to stimulate satiety, as it causes an increase in leptin, a hormone responsible for controlling our weight.

It also regulates the gastrointestinal hormone ghrelin, which acts to stimulate hunger. Thus, it is possible to be satisfied even ingesting a smaller amount of food. The benefits of this oil are to help you burn fat, lose weight in a short time, as well as dry your belly.

What is safflower in capsules for?

Safflower oil in capsules was not initially used as a weight loss  method . In Chinese medicine its main use was as a food and blood purifier. But according to recent research, there are several benefits to switching to vegetable oil.

  • Stimulates healthy hair growth;
  • Rich in omega 6;
  • Prevent diabetes ;
  • Protects heart health;
  • Strengthens arteries, veins and vessels;
  • Helps in the treatment of fever , tumor, cough, respiratory problems, clotting, pain;
  • Prevents stroke (strokes);
  • It can be used to induce perspiration, as a laxative, stimulant, expectorant;
  • It helps relieve menstrual cramps, stop menstruation and has an abortifacient effect;
  • Lowers cholesterol levels ;
  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Improves skin appearance (cell regeneration).

How to take safflower oil in capsules:

The best way to take safflower oil in capsules is to consume two to three capsules a day, 30 minutes before your main meal. In addition, the advantage of buying the oil is its practicality of consumption and ease of purchase. It can be easily found in many physical and online food supplement stores.

Contraindications of safflower oil in capsules:

  • Women who are lactating;
  • pregnant women ;
  • Allergic to ragweed; daisy, carnation and chrysanthemum;
  • who have low blood pressure;
  • People suffering from kidney problems;
  • People who suffer problems related to blood clotting.

Side effects of safflower oil in capsules:

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Although safflower capsules contain many health benefits, consumption is likely to have some side effects, especially if taken in excess.

  • Decreases blood clotting;
  • Some Allergic Reactions;
  • Kidney problems;
  • Digestive and/or abdominal problems and discomforts;
  • Low pressure.

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