Home remedy to remove fungus and calluses on the feet!

The Home Remedy to Remove Fungus and Calluses on the Feet is 100% natural. Also,  Removing Fungus and Calluses on the Feet  can be something very simple. One of the areas of the body  that few people pay attention to is the feet. However, these deserve the same attention as the rest of the body . As we know, these are the main means of transport we use to get around.

To make matters worse, many women use it as a complement to their beauty , when they wear heels or open shoes. However, when we neglect them, they can take serious damage. Some of the consequences could be getting fungus between the fingers. Other ailments would develop cracks in the heels or harden their skin . That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to our feet, especially if you’re a woman.

Currently, we can use different home methods to fight foot fungus. There are also others that are helpful in shedding dead cells and preventing your feet from looking careless. This and much more is what we can achieve with aspirin mixed with lemon juice .

With these ingredients we can prepare a powerful exfoliating cream that takes care of our extremities. It will control the appearance of fungus on nails and fingers. Likewise, it eliminates the onset that accompanies fungi and other bacteria.

This exfoliating cream is so effective because of its high concentration of beta-hydroxy acid. Said fat-soluble compound is used by cosmetic companies to manufacture their professional creams. Likewise, it has anti-inflammatory and calming substances that reduce tension and pain. For that reason, we encourage you to pay attention to how this exfoliating cream is prepared. So, check out now the  Home Remedy to Remove Fungus and Calluses on the Feet:

Home Remedy to Remove Fungus and Calluses on the Feet:


  • Aspirin (5 units).
  • Lemon juice .
  • Stone pumice stone (1 unit).


  • To begin with, we must throw the aspirins in a pestle or mortar and crush them until they are completely crushed. So, let’s empty the powder into another container and mix it with lemon juice . Both ingredients must be mixed until a homogeneous substance is obtained. If the substance is still too dry, you can add a little more juice or a little water.
  • Before applying to your feet, you should wash them carefully to remove any dirt. We then apply a thin layer of the mixture to areas with calluses or fungus. After spreading the entire foot, let it act for approximately 30 minutes. Then, we must remove the exfoliating bed with warm water.
  • Then we must take the pumice stone and rub it over the foot to remove the  dead and rough skin . When the skin  is soft, we will rinse again with warm water and dry the feet. We must repeat this procedure in its entirety 2 or 3 times a week.

By performing this Home Remedy to Remove Fungus and Calluses on the Feet , you can eliminate fungi and bacteria from your feet. Likewise, it will stabilize the pH of your feet, eliminating bad smells and athlete’s foot. For better results, we can complement the treatment with the use of moisturizer. If you follow these instructions and stick to it, you will have amazing results in no time.

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