6 Home Remedies to Lose Weight in 15 Days!

Home remedies to lose weight in 15 days and in a healthy way because it  is something more than desired by many, these remedies are considered a simple way to lose weight . But for them to really work, a specialist must be sought out. That’s because they can cause serious effects and need to be taken very carefully.

Home remedies to lose weight should never be the first choice for weight loss. In addition, the ideal is that the patient first tries to change habits such as their diet and degree of physical activity performed on a daily basis.

If these measures are not effective, then the drugs can and should be indicated, however the profile of each patient.

Home remedies to lose weight in 15 days:

1. Tomato and lemon detox juice to lose weight in 15 days:

Each 250 ml glass of juice has approximately 20 calories.


– 150 ml of ready-made tomato juice  ;
– 25 ml of lemon juice ;
– Sparkling water  .

Preparation method:

  • Mix the ingredients in a glass and add ice when drinking.

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2. Black plum juice and oatmeal to lose weight in 15 days:


– 1 black plum;
– 1 glass (250 ml) of skimmed milk;
– a spoon (soup) of oatmeal;
– 1 tablespoon of pure coconut oil ;
– 4 coffee ice cubes;

Preparation method:

  • Blend the ingredients in a blender, pour into a tall glass and serve immediately.

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3. Cinnamon and Honey Skim Milk Detox Juice to Lose Weight:


– ¼ cup (50 ml) of cold brewed coffee ;
– one cup (200 ml) of skimmed milk;
– 1 tablespoon (dessert) of honey;
– a spoon (soup) of cinnamon powder;
– 1 tablespoon of pure coconut oil ;
– Ice to taste;

Preparation method:

  • Blend the ingredients in a blender, then pour into a tall glass and serve!

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4. Papaya and black plum juice:


– 5 dried black plums;
– 1 glass (200 ml) of mineral water ;
– a medium slice of papaya;
– 1 peeled orange without the seeds;
– 2 tablespoons of flaxseed (golden or brown);

Preparation method:

  1. Plums need to be softened to be used in the recipe, just soak in the glass of  water  overnight.
  2. The next day, put the plums and the water that was soaking in the blender along with the other ingredients.
  3. Then. hit quickly. This juice is not meant to be strained.

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5. Home remedy with plum to lose weight: 

It is a very healthy belly fat juice without harmful side effects, since it uses only natural elements for preparation.


– 2 slices of pineapple ; – 3 mint
leaves ; – 1 tablespoon of flaxseed ; – 200 ml of  mineral water – Dried black plum

Preparation method:

  1. Leave the plum to hydrate in the glass containing  mineral water for 8 hours.
  2. then, mix all the ingredients in a blender.
  3. The recipe yields a glass, so drink without straining.

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6. Remedy with orange to lose weight:

– 1L of water;
– 3 oranges;
– 100g of ginger;
– 30g of cinnamon stick;

Preparation method:

  1. In a pitcher of  water , grate the zest of 1  orange  and a piece of  ginger .
  2. Add 2  sliced ​​oranges  and the rest of the sliced  ​​ginger  .
  3. Then growing the cinnamon stick and drink.

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