3 home remedies to eliminate belly fat!

Home remedies to eliminate abdominal fat in a few days is an almost unanimous desire. But what few people know is that there are some teas that can be strong allies for those who want to eliminate the famous “tires”.

Fats lodge in our body in different places, but there is usually an accumulation of fat in the abdomen, thighs, glutes, back and culottes. Although sometimes the person is not obese or overweight, they can concentrate certain areas of fat that are more difficult to remove with exercise or with the diet itself.

Home remedies are great alternatives to dry belly, with natural ingredients they are safer than drugs with a lot of chemicals. In addition to helping to eliminate abdominal fat and lose weight, most of these home remedies also contribute to strengthening the immune system.

Home remedies to eliminate belly fat:

1. Eliminate belly fat with cucumber:


– 3 bags of chamomile .
– 1 liter of  mineral water .
– 2 cups of chopped spinach.
– 1 cup (tea) of apple with chopped peel.
– 1 cup (tea) of cucumber with chopped peel.
– ½ lemon  without peel.
– sweetener and ice to taste.

Preparation method:

  1. Make the tea with 1 glass (250ml) of  water  and set aside.
  2. Blender, place the spinach, apple, cucumber,  lemon  and the rest of the  water , beating until smooth.
  3. Strain, add tea, sweetener and ice.
  4. Drink during the day.

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2. Eliminate belly fat with arugula:


– 1 cup (tea) of green leaves (spinach, arugula, kale).
– pure juice of 2 lemons.
– 1 tablespoon (dessert) of chia.
– pure juice of 2 oranges.
– water  to taste.

Preparation method:

  1. Mix all ingredients in a blender.
  2. Add water little by little until you get the consistency and flavor you want.
  3. Drink then.

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3. Remedy for abdominal fat with mint:


– 3 tablespoons of mint leaves .
– 3 tablespoons of fresh arugula leaves.
– 1 glass (250ml) of water .
– 1 cup (250ml) of coconut water .

Preparation method:

  1. In a cup (tea), place the  Mint  and pour   boiling water until complete.
  2. Wait for it to cool and strain.
  3. Put the tea in the blender, add the remaining ingredients and blend well.
  4. Drink up to 3 glasses (600ml) per day.

Contraindications:  pregnant women and children under six years of age should avoid the consumption of  Mint .

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